No Ideas - Let's Go Party

Christmas sure is lovely time but the time before it is not! Especially these 20 days before it tears my nerves into million pieces! D: I mean the shopping, which turns from a nice thing to the most difficult thing ever when I need to buy things to others. 

And plus, we celebrate my mom's 50 anniversary this weekend and I don't have a single clue what to get for her. I don't know what she would like to have or would she have anything materialistic at all. I have thought about getting some sort of cosmetology gift card for her... No idea yet where.

We are having pre-Christmas party with my class tomorrow night and as topic says - I have no idea what to put on there! There's no dressing code and I guess not all aren't dressing anyhow special (there to drink). But I of course would like to dress somehow - not just grab those everyday clothes.

I went today watching, by a chance, some Cheap Monday's jeans. Totally adorable. I have only one pair of old Lee's and I need urgently new jeans. Straight and slim. Dark. Those would be great for tomorrow, only 50 euros for good quality jeans, not too bad. :>
Borrowed here!
Outfit bit like this is in my mind.

And I thought of buying a bit over-sized, around size M, black lace shirt with collar. I have wanted it for so long time! And now that it is on sale... Only 15 euros.

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