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It's a fact that I need a new school bag the most. My old 'n faithful Marimekko shoulder bag simply is too small for the needs of a high school student - especially when I have those famous IB books, which are quite large and heavy ones, not overstating at all. 

So, I have my eye now on Juicy Couture's bags. I was joking with my friends that what I truly need as a school bag is a big and wide sports bag. Soon I saw at Spirit Store one gorgeous sports bag shaped bag, but much more glamorous of course, which was from Juicy. It was truly a roomy one! I went to Juicy's web pages to see if they had the bag there (1. "Cheaper in online store than in a special store in Finland naturally" & 2. "People haven't touched the bag and it's completely a brand new"). Apparently they had ran out of them but I caught my on the other bags.

Especially the Daydreamer bags are gorgeous! They are also the most roomy ones since those "sport bags" aren't available no longer.

Which one would be your Juicy choose? ;)

Velour bag with legendary logo
The color combo is just precious;
One of my favorites!

Velour bag with lovely and girly details

I like the color combo between caramel and aqua...
So royal!
Smoky leather bag
Looks smart and sharp.

But I really have to keep my eye for truly a bigger bags, because I can believe it could be hard to fit my Advanced Biology (thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis thick), Texas calculator and other books and equipment, without forgetting my MacBook, in a handbag like these!

I buy a Daydreamer bag and a tote bag:

Then I'd carry my school books
in a canvas tote bag, like this one,
and other stuff and Mac in a Juicy bag! :)

...If I never want these, I really need to save few months. Especially because I used nearly 100 euros for 'must-haves' today, ooops... :D All worth it, anycase!

All pictures from Juicy Couture, thank you.

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