Cocoon from Germany

Cocoon, the women's art of style, is a German fashion magazine. 
I got for Christmas from my friend. I'm very interested of it, the photo shoots are very fine, interesting and stylish! So far I have only focused in the pictures but maybe I will try to read it little. :P It seems as good as Vogue but in thinner mode. There's not as much text, which is good thing since all the pictures are so gorgeous!

Take a look:

My favorite picture!
Eiffel and French anarchy just work every time.
Especially in black&white. MMM!
From known Karl Lagerfield there was also newer designers for me,
like Hanna Korsar,
who has designed the dress of this and the next picture.
Prom, here I come.
I liked this eye make-up much. Fierce. Totally.

And much more!

I came up with only one bad thing: I can't use this for scrapping! :( I don't dare to cut this magazine because the photos are pure 100% perfectism! +___+
When my monthly fashion magazine Trendi comes, I usually read it with scissors on my other hand. Cut cut cut! But this... No...
But oh well, I'm having a 50 cm high pile of French Vogues to deal with on my holiday. That should do it for now *cutting*! 

And one last thing: Danceuse, when you go to Germany next time, bring me the newest piece of Cocoon, please!

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  1. Mä lähetän sulle aina uuden numeron kun tulee sitten kun meen vaihtoon ;) Paitsi että tuleeko ne vain muutaman kerran vuodessa?

  2. Ne taitaa tulla n. 4 kertaa vuodessa, eli pari nuymeroa ehdit mulle lähettää kuitenkin! :)