Miss Jean-Paul Gaultier

Today I decided to do something useful with my free time and so I grabbed my sewing kit! And started pinning on my sewing model.

I'm designing and sewing a black top with a corset cut. I got a sudden urge to have a top like that, I think it would be quite cute and my style...

I have the breast parts already but I came to search some inspiration pictures from We heart it for the cuts in the body part. I might keep it as simple as possible, like in the above pic, no Jean-Paul Gaultiers for the first corset top I ever make! :P

The fabric I use stretchs nicely so I only need to sew a metallic zipper. I had visioned to put it like in the pic.

Now I'll go back shaping my ideas. To this end of the post I want to share a picture of a dress that really pictures my idea for my future prom gown!

I had honestly thought of having a corset top and a fluffy skirt part! I'm glad I don't need think it yet but I had something like this in mind - maybe not so candy princessy though... But it would be great solution for the after party to grab the fluffy skirt part off and change it to something more casual with the top.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Whoa! Looking forward to see the result!
    sounds exciting.


  2. Yes, me too, Amalie! :) I do the back part tomorrow and I'm done - I promise to share the result here with pictures.