Sale Plans

The coming week is the best week in a year: official SALES start and it is New Year's Eve on Friday!

'It's marrrrrrrrvelous!'
Of course I'm heading to the city to do some sale shopping now and I have special plans for Friday also! I have a hunch that this year New Year is going to be special...

And I thought to check out sales in the internet also (I just like this universal sale time!!!). Topshop, Net-a-porter (<--- Must check that out, oh my god!), Nelly's, Ellos, Bubbleroom, Dorothy Perkins, Juicy Couture, Brandos... And a lot more hopefully!
14 cm heels
Now only 13,50€
From Nelly

Mulberry's sweet leather bag
Timeless model Lily, now only 358€
From net-a-porter

Cardigan from Dorothy Perkins
with only 17 dollars
(though I should do this by customizing my old
cardigan, I have black sequins in the drawer ;>)

And this Breast Cancer shirt could be nice too
10 dollars from Dorothy P.
(The one with "stand tall" would be ironic on me ;D
Though I do stand tall every day, I'm under 165 cm...
And it sucks.)

Good looking boy friend coat from Top Shop
I would need this, totally could look good with anything!
And I truly am in need of a new winter coat so...
60 dollars.

I already want to wish you all readers good luck for sale shopping! :)
Do good deals.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Love the Mulberry bag. I'm going to shop tomorrow (: The sale is so great, cuz then you can exchange your gifts and get even more for the money (: Hope that made sense, haha. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'll follow yours, will you follow back? xxx


  2. I shall go to sales today too. (: At least for the first round, there's so much to see and shop! I really hope I find a boyfriend coat like I posted... :D

  3. That cardigan... might snap it up. The cape is pretty warm and you can wear loads of layers under it without looking frumpy which i like. I got it in the sale! Thanks for the comment and nice blog xx