Sale Overture

Heavy metal chain necklace from Lindex.
I saw metal necklaces in Stockholm everywhere in the fall and
I had my eye on them ever since. :)
The weight tells you is it quality or not!
At least I feel strongly so with items like this.

Jewel earrings from Pieces.
They were not actually in sale
but when I had started buying stuff,
I hadn't problems in taking these beauties too. :)
I simply love them!

A bronze and detailed bracelet is too from Lindex.
It was only 2,5 € and it has all these precious little things..!
Worked on me and I love it, all the details are detailed with care. :)

Lavendel Eiffel tower earrings from Glitter.
My second pair of Eiffel themed earrings, haha!
Not in sale these either though but hey, these were wonderful.
The plates are nice big and the color is pretty. 

Patent leather pumps from Bianco.
Peep toe, CUTE ankle straps and 13 cm heel = The Party Shoes
They were only 35 €, looking lovely on feet, I was with my shoe freak friend
AND I needed shoes to go with my new dress...:

Whole sequin, little black dress that girl needs from Vila! <3
Finally it was in sale!!! I'm so happy.
It's shape is very classy, which is good because the sequins don't actually need more than
just basic shape so it wont hit the ceiling. ;)

What nice did you find from sales? :))
I think I will go check the sales in 2011... This is not over yet.

5 kommenttia:

  1. Ihana toi jättikaulakoru, ja kengät tietty myös ;)

  2. I have been to urban outfitters like 3times this week. Their sales are amazing. you have a lovely blog! Thanks for commenting on mine.
    I'm following!


  3. Tess, oooh, I'm so jealous that we don't have urban outfitters stores in Finland. The clothes are great but the stores are worth of seeing too!

  4. ihan mielettömän ihania koruja! etenki toi rannekoru on tosi kiva ja korvikset älyttömän söpöt. :)

  5. Joo, kerrankin niitä koruja kun löysi niin piti ottaa. :) Haha!