Haunted & Sweet

Miss-X/Catwoman on Friday
Mask is my sister's
Haunted weekend. Literally.
Because I have maths test tomorrow on Monday, I have been reading functions since I got home yesterday for many hours. Like a maniac! My calculator got Halloween spirit while practicing, which was of course bit annoying too. 
Today I have planned that after 12 I'll do more my Swedish home hearings (maybe 2 hours). After that I have to read for Russian test - that might even take the rest of this day.

But it was sweet that on Friday we had a Halloween themed school day. :) It was so great! Our students' union had seen a great effort and I saw few good outfits too. 
I had good attitude for dance class after school - and it worked! I decided I'll be super sharp and learn everything, and I was in very good mood after it. The jazz class I'm in is very qualified and hard so I shouldn't actually even be there, since I have danced only like 2 years. But I think I was now able to do everything including ballet technique and fast series! :D

This year there was no real Halloween party but I collected my three closest friends to go to movies see the Social Network with me on Friday evening. It was nice and it almost felt like we were still same class in same school. <3

Now, studying and manicure! I'll be back again. xx


Beauty Project Starts

Trendi magazine came yesterday. And it didn't came alone since there was a small but good guide about facial care as an extra. While I read that, I got excited all the tips, as usual. :) So now I decided that I shall start with a project taking care of my skin. I have even made plans ready - this just can't go wrong!

I put makeup on everyday, except on Weekend when I'm only home, and it's a norm already for me to use every morning creams for face and eye area. I wash my face before sleep with Nivea's makeup remover milk and wipe after it my face with same brand's toner. I remove my eye makeup with very own remover - as recommended!

Eye Gel from the Body Shop.
10 euros. Moisturizing.
I store this in fridge.
That way it's cool in mornings and fights against dark circles.

My Beauty Plan:

Face & Eyes:
  • Scrub two times in a week, for neck also.
  • Mask two times in a week (for mixed skin, unfortunately it's my type...), for neck also.
  • Cleansing with water every day two times in day. In the evening with cleansing products.
  • Face cream every morning.
  • Eye cream/gel every morning and evening.
  • Eye area's cleaning with special products.
Bamboo brush.
7 euros.
  • Healthy diet with vegetables, no sweets or fatty foods and lots of water, 2 liters per day.
  • Brushing the body with a soft bamboo brush before every shower.
  • Scrub once in a week.
  • Epilating once in two weeks.
  • Body lotion's use every day, especially after shower.
  • Hand cream every day, for elbows too.
  • Cream every evening, the cotton socks on and then to bed. :) Beauty dreams!
  • Warm bath for feet every week. Then cream and socks on.
  • Every three weeks after a feet bath, scrub, rasp and toe nail shaping and painting.
Finger Nails:
  • Cuticle lotion every evening.
  • Manicure every week.
  • Special treatments for special things: fragile nails need their own cure. Have to go to buy.
  • Bebanthen many times in a day.
  • Scrub once in a week with sugar.

........Phew. ´3` But everything is going to be so worth for it! Good and healthy skin can be then my Christmas present. And skin needs special treatment now in winter, so this comes definitely in need. Nothing else than best for my skin!

I was thirsty after school,
so I bought this Peach water
with zinc and E vitamin.
Tastes like summer, strawberry
somehow... :D
I drank this always at
my friend's, Danseuse.
Nostalgic taste.

I shall go tomorrow buy scrubs and masks and etc.
But the hardest task must be how can I drink so much water in one day! I have tried hard to drink water as much I can, every time I remember since summer.

Plan for 2 liters of water:

- glass of water when I wake up
- glass of water with breakfast

- glass of water in cafeteria

- 2 glasses of water

- glass of water

- glass of water

Though I don't have space in my school bag for a water bottle anymore, I have to carry it with me. Or a mug. I'm glad I have a private closet in school where I can store them. 
...And then I should remember to drink those 3 glasses of milk everyday also.

Catch you again later,
essay is calling.


Best Ideas Come At Night

Maybe it was last week's Friday, when I didn't catch sleep nohow. I rolled and drank water but for nothing. So I started to think about clothes and sewing. 

"Wow, the last time when I did cloth designs was in summer. 
Now it's almost winter..."

Then I started to think my black dress I had made a week ago from lovely material.

"It's though nice, but now I can't feel the click anymore. 
I should customize it somehow"

Here's the dress I'm now talking about:

Low waist line, balloon hem,
simple top, bow belt and
deep V-back with button line.
Material = adorable.

So I grabbed my pencil and paper from table and started visioning new look for the dress:

I thought about shortening the top with 3 cm and customizing the skirt part by changing it to "shorts": very loose ones, looks like skirt. Hem's length would stay as it is now already. Top would change from the original also by the only and one shoulder strap.

As you see from my sketch, there's also something ruffled near the elbow. I thought to attach broad antique white lace to the strap like. The white color is repeated in the dress when I do white stitching near all seams. (Pink in the pic.)

Ok, so now I have my plans, next time I have time, this project will start going on! ;)
It's so much fun to customize clothes!


Lovely things are vintage and latte

Stockholm, 19th October, Tuesday: 

We took a metro at 12 to SoFo. I had there four vintage shops I wanted to check out:
Repris&Time OutPåkläderlet and Lisa Larsson second hand. They all three are located near to each others so it was convinent to visit them during the same visit.

Påkläderlet was still closed at the time we came, they open on Tuesdays at 15. So we kept on walking and before we went to the three other shops, we wanted to to go for coffee.

My Chai Latte and mom's original coffee.
Oh god how I love latte foam! <3
And this drink was much more cheaper than in Finland,
only 2,5 euros (240 kr) :o
Eat dust, Coffee House!
First I thought this cafe has to be some bar like, messy and noisy.
But it was very chill, cozy (we sat on couches) and warm place to be.
People read books there, ate good looking salads from design plates,
were on computers
and hanged with friends at couches that were placed on sills. =)

It was like the cafe was protected from fame.
It was so real and bohemian.
Stylish SoFo people come there, so why wouldn't you love it?

It took only 5 minutes to move from String to Repris.

I had only been told that you'll find shoes and accessories there. So I went there open minded and came out with empty hands. Clothes that were sold there were more likely from 60-80's and it was of course fun to check out old designs and norm clothes. I didn't find anything my style than round glasses. They were so over-priced though, so I wanted to leave them to store. But not so much shoes actually...?
I can't say it was very delighting experience to visit there, it was kind of flea markety feel more likely! :(

Right next to Repris was Time Out.

Ok, this shop looked better! But it was so small and again, I felt awkward being there because everything was expensive and for older ladies. So not for me. I found beautiful necklace, with a ballet dancer pendant but it cost like 60 euros.... :/ And the smell, yuck! Huge killing smell of some perfume! Eek, next shop, please! 

Lisa Larsson's was a pleasant experience for change. The shop was big and the selection was huge. And I actually found there something, with quite low price considering they are brand products:

Laura Ashley's sailor shirt.
Actually my mom wanted to get this shirt for me
because she loves these sailor shirts.
"Sailor comes trendy constantly!"
Chiffon top (?) from Twin Set by Simona Barbieri
The seller lady praised how good brand this is
and what a good buy we do.
To be honest, the brand is such a never heard for me.
But after quick googling I see it's nice brand.
This top really represents the brand!

I'm not sure how to tie these ribbons,
I like to tie them to sides...
And the seller said this is
a skirt.
What? No....
Material is so exclusive, bit draped
and so light!
Sure looks with skinny jeans!

Påkläderlet Södermannsgatan 21
Repris&Time Out Bondegatan 46, Sofo
Lisa Larsson Second Hand Bondegatan 48

Urban Outfitters Come From Sweden

Last Tuesday, at 10:15, we moved as a whole family on buss to centrum of Stockholm where we then spread into two teams: me and mother wanted to go shopping and explore SoFo area. One day, 4 family members = you can’t please everyone, so pairing by interests was a good thing. Actually it was great, because we had very nice day together – quality time with mom that I had secretly missed. ;,)

We knew by the experience that vintage boutiques won’t open before midday, so we first headed to the Sturegallerien to kill time. We didn’t stay there for long. I didn’t like the place at all. I guess it was too snobby or elitistic for me. I couldn’t have shopped there and I even felt hard to visit in the shops... :/ Only shop I liked was Mango in the upstairs but the collection there was of course made by the house theme. ;) But I still managed to found black earmuffs there and I am very glad about them. <3

It rained when we walked to NK, famous and big shopping mall. But we never made so far when we walked along street Biblioteksgatan shop named URBAN OUTFITTERS took our interest. Mom asked have I ever heard about this shop, I answered no and she said she has and it would be interesting to do a round there. I agreed and now I am fucking glad I did! :-D 
First of all, it was super esthetic. It was many times bigger than I thought, chandeliers, many rooms and beautiful stairway to the fitting rooms. (< You get the key to fitting rooms from a worker at the doors, I was hyper about that detail! :D) 
Sadly photographing is never legal in cloth shops so I can’t show you pics. But think: Bigger than big. More gorgeous than any shop but still the most bohemian and cozy I have ever been. Mom said it is an old theater building. And I think I have lost my heart there like I almost did with my mittens. ^^’ Sellers were so nice and helpful so they probably would give my heart back stored in the closet behind deck. But I rather leave it there. Now I have the place to always return.

I wonder why in Finland there is no same system than in Sweden to have new and old, customized fashion together in same shop. I thought it was genious what I saw there: Old flea market stuff customized and sold as high fashion. They worked on me at least! I got so inspired there and I now only want an old knit sweater so I can turn it to a skirt! :D They had their own section but naturally were still mixed with newer brands like Cheap Monday. Broad look to URBAN OUTFITTERS’ style was vintage and somewhat maybe Kenzo-like. I approved it very much because I felt everything fitted and matched also my style.

But only clothes? No no no, better. So big shop has space for another stuff too, books, Polaroid cameras, nail stuff, accessories, note books… Stylish lifestyle stuff indeed! I fell in love with the Fish Eye Polaroid box cameras. *-*

No, I didn't buy one of those cameras - this time.
I wanted just to show you how the cameras looked like.
I was impressed. I want one!
(the pic from aisyahrozi.)

I came out from the store with brown paper bags and wide smile. =)

Nothing to add.
This book right here didn't cost much so I had to get it.
50 fashion designers you should know, oh yay! :D
Some I of course knew already,
but some were new names to me.
It's fun to see how they have all affected this industry. :o
But no Finnish names.
Or any Scandinavian.
I'm bit disappointed. ;<
Then mother bought me also a book about designing patterns.
I was like naa, you shouldn't have,
since I do my patterns always by myself
and felt like I don't need a book about it. ;)
I started reading it and there's really good tips to me.
Very teaching and inspiring!
And I guess it would be easier with patterns or when you know the basics about them?
That was my first reason why I started doing my own patterns two years ago:
I never found good ones or they didn't work for me.

Vintage shopping in later post!

Sturegatan Biblioteksgatan 9a
Urban Outfitters Biblioteksgatan 5
NK Hamngatan 18-20


Stockholm is very beautiful place. I have been there almost every year of my life, sometimes even two times, like this year. Couple years ago we started exploring more Stockholm’s city than only just the Gamla Stan, the Old City part (which is lovely area anyhow!) and last July I wished out loud longer trips to Stockholm. You can’t actually do anything during one, short day!
And so far we have been there only for one day... Maybe next time... :)

Along Storgatan were these cafeteria-restaurants.
They looked cool and all the same.
First I thought it was a long art gallery,
because it is whole window and the shape is very modern.
Mind blowing! :D
Fall in Stockholm...

What can I say?
Pure love it is. :) The city is wonderful
- even on a rainy day.

I'm crazy for cafés.

Shopping post coming on its way!


What Is Hot In Sweden?

This week I was in Stockholm and I got more convinced how great city it really is. One day for shopping was simply not enough, so I had to focus on one thing during my stay and that was vintage shopping this time. I visited in and tried out few 2nd hand shops in Sofo (South of Folkungagatan; the area as a centre of creative and innovative fashion and retailing. In particular, many Swedish fashion designers are located in SoFo) and found new favorite café around there also.

But to answer the question of the topic, it is fur. You can’t miss it if you now walk through Stockholm.

You see it, many city women were wearing gray or light brown fur coats. And it’s coming to Finland, on Monday at least two Helsinki girls were influenced to use fur coats and skinny pants. And Swedish clothing shops, like Weekday, are great at bringing this trend here.

You feel it, it’s big, so soft, thick and warm. Even curly, like sheep’s wool.

You love it, when you make sure it is fake. This time fake is ok. 
Even Chanel knows it:

From Fall 2010 collection
All fake

Chanel and many other high brands brought out last summer their newest fur collections and I was proud that Chanel and many others used only fake fur in their collections. I can’t eat meat because I can never be sure where it’s come from, so how could I wear or say it’s fine to use real fur? I think it’s ok to have fake fur and wool (Finnish, please!) clothes. They are like my placebos, just like I eat as an vegetarian tofu and beans to replace proteins I once got from the meat.

Real or fake, the coats and vests were quite pricey in Stockholm. But I still have my eyes on fur clothes even here in Finland – maybe not those Eskimo hats that are sold in every store in here, but coats, vests, stoles and even cute high heels. This small girl is getting herself a winter fur, grawl!

 Thank you, Topshop

I must go an take my mom's old,
red fake fur coat from the attic and coordinate it with my new black earmuffs from Mango!


Important Notation

! It’s good to you to know that when I have school, it’s useless for you to wait for many updates in my blog per one week. I try to stick with at least one update made on weekend so I will have other things in my mind than just school. (Hm, how about me having a blog about being an IB student? No?) Plus it would be too hazard to write every day here, I would sure move to school stuff and that’s just not my far time point this time. :D And this announcement starts working on coming Monday.

Before that I have plenty of time to share off my looks to hungry customers… Hah! <3

I wonder what tomorrow has to offer... 

(Eye-) Food For People

Alarm ringing at 6 = normal school morning.  Since I don’t have school this week at all, I wasn’t moving to school on the buss at 7:03 today morning.  Instead, I was going to work. That if something is crazy and hard for brain to understand at that time of day, especially when you should be sleeping  on your holiday…..  Billion times I asked myself “wtf I’m srsly doing” while it rained outside, was solid dark and cold.

But it was fun to work again after summer, although it was tiring too. My working days at the restaurant are very long, from somewhat 9 to 16, which definitely aren’t worth for my small salary. Still, I think this more as an experience to gain more working history and get useful work relations than getting paid as a master chef in kitchen.

On Wednesday there started a big country and farm happening in the event center of Jyväskylä and that always means good sales in the restaurant there. So the restaurant needed extra dousing volunteer people to come help them - and so I went. To serve salads to Finnish country guys. Yummyyyy, sounds dreamy? ;) Well, that’s what I do till Saturday. That’s how I spend my precious holiday……..

So there I was, running the salad businesses and wearing caramel brown cowboy boots. I don’t know, maybe the guys were somehow turned on by the long apron I worn, but I got surpisingly many flirt acts! :D That was so funny.

“How good looking bread! And a beautiful baker too! * wink *”
“We come to this salad section cuz here’s eye food too”
And one boy to another, “whispering”:
“Look how good ass! Cute gurl….”

And the best part was that a chef that I thought was nothing more than grumpy granny-biAtch came to me and whispered:
“Isn’t it lovely that here’s so many rich farmer boys around? You should keep your eyes open for those cute boys of your age. I mean, I would…”

:DDDD Truly l-m-a-o!

It was nice at work, yeah, but I’m annoyed because I wanted so much to write this blog too! I’m exited about this and I have to make an entry about Stockholm. Hurry hurry hurryyyy---


So, who am I, Sherlock?

Live Journal is a great place for people societies to stay in touch. When my group shattered, I decided it is time for me to change journal to a blog. And I dragged my dear friend with me to this, now she is having a blog too, she's my blogger friend today! And so far so good, this place seems pretty good for me.

I am here to write about fashion. Fashion is a big deal and a wide term for me - when you scratch the term, you will find a much wider concept than the H&M garment. For me and my blog, fashion will be thought as everyday treasure. Me, my lifestyle and my inner voice. 

Sticky with champaign
it's okay
it's my blog's birthday!