Stockholm is very beautiful place. I have been there almost every year of my life, sometimes even two times, like this year. Couple years ago we started exploring more Stockholm’s city than only just the Gamla Stan, the Old City part (which is lovely area anyhow!) and last July I wished out loud longer trips to Stockholm. You can’t actually do anything during one, short day!
And so far we have been there only for one day... Maybe next time... :)

Along Storgatan were these cafeteria-restaurants.
They looked cool and all the same.
First I thought it was a long art gallery,
because it is whole window and the shape is very modern.
Mind blowing! :D
Fall in Stockholm...

What can I say?
Pure love it is. :) The city is wonderful
- even on a rainy day.

I'm crazy for cafés.

Shopping post coming on its way!

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