I got really disturbed while reading the sites of Vegaaniliitto ry./Finnish Vegan Organization. Is there anything I can eat anymore??

I haven't eaten meat unless it was organic since the 8th grade, 
I have been a vegetarian and haven't used shampoo since the last summer, 
I don't use air planes and I hate cars, 
I prefer organic and local food...

My list would be longer. I still use milk, butter and eggs but reading through the pages made me feel like no, it's not enough that they're organic. I should give up from their use completely because they're still using animals arbitrarily against animal rights - keeping them as long there's some use and then killing them.

But I hate the whole idea of using replacements in my diet... I absolutely wont use any soya products like many other vegetarians I know do because it's shipped overseas - better (and cheaper) option is to use Finnish beans instead. And how about baking without eggs? I read the pages: 
"-- It's possible to replace an egg in baking with: 1/2 mashed banana, 1/2 dl squashed fruit e.g. apple, mashed beans, mashed potatoes or etc..."

I feel desperate. Everywhere I now look is something wrong and nothing is good enough. I should eat only green salad that I have grown myself on a sill.

Over thinking. I need some good sleep.

Grab Your Boots Before Glaciers Melt!

In the previous post I just dazzled over the coming spring time.
Spring means for me more sunshine and warmth...

Sunshine + one meter of snow covering everywhere you can look =  ground transforms into a muddy sea/terrestrial & messy hell

Although I can now use my new spring shoes thanks to the "warmer" weather, the situation is about to get little hectic and messier within not so many weeks...

Muddy April and me. <3

I wouldn't really mind getting my suede shoes ruined in the pools, so now it is a favorable moment to think little about shoes.

For me, spring shoes mean ballerinas, high heels and sneakers but also rubber boots (hell yeah!). This year I decided to get myself a tolerable looking pair of rain boots because I have had enough of:
  1. Wet shoes and wet socks
  2. Mud splatters all around my calfs
  3. Dirty shoes
An immediate mental image that word 'rain boots' gives is a pair of black, clumsy and dorky boots.
But what would you say to brightly colorful boots?


Or would an elegant shape (and brand) do it?

I like this, a lot! C:

Shoes are a big part for everybody's outfit and rubber boots give their own challenging touch for creating the look. 
...Shoe stores, y u no have elegant boots?? I smell room for good business! 

Burberry knows how to be stylish even in CLUMSY boots !

I looked from We Heart It and Brandos.


Lovely and Colorful Spring 2011

Tip, tip, tip. I got a water drop on my head, now I know strongly that spring is (coming) here!

So does this mean that I have to say farewells to my recently bought winter coat?

I'm glad I bought also a woolen jacket when I ordered that tartan winter coat. Though they're both from an American brand, Lulu's, their fabric are thick and warm and therefore suit perfectly to the climate of freezing winter-wonderland-Finland. I use one woolen shirt or that grey jacket under the winter coat because of its 3/4 sleeves (You can't tell it by the picture but yes, the sleeves are shorter than usual) but yesterday definitely proved me I don't need the over coat for going out.
It felt for me a little too much to wear the coat in such of weather and sunshine -  I wanted to take everything I could out of loveliness! -  and the jacket seemed like a very tempting option. The quality of the fabric of the jacket is surprisingly awesome, actual wool (Contrasting to the prize I payed! :o), it keeps warm. 
A scarf around your neck and let's go!

The scarf - PIECES (from Jim&Jill's sales) 
The bag - Urban Outfitters

The bag is a little-something-for-you/a souvenir from my parents when they were in Stockholm in January. Well, Urban Outfitters is always a pleasure and I wont say that the bag isn't cute or beautiful. :) Useful it is at least and haven't we all read from all possible fashion magazines how bright colors are the thing for Spring 2011? I myself am quite prepared.


Task: Compare and Contrast My Two Weeks

Last week...

Things needed for a test week with deadlines: 1. Aspirin 2. Time management 3. Hot fluids (green tea and take away mocca; seal of approval!) 4. Good background music (prefer Vivaldi, old Madonna and U2).

As you see, I was MacBooking one written account for history. My subject was impressionistic art and as always after writing over 1000 words of analyzing text I was p l e a s e d

...Freedom outside my window.
Fucking cold Winter Wonderland. 
Organic green tea! <3
Hint of mandarin and vanilla! xxx

I worked the writing for two days and it required so much energy and concentration from me! Tea, tea, tea... Of course I had the Facebook and Messenger open all the time, my biggest helping sources (my thanks)! Then the test reading started...

Things needed for a week of holiday at home: 1. Movies and Sex and The City seasons 2. Delicious food 3. Magazines to cut 4. Pen and paper

This week then was a new case. Have I already mentioned it's my holiday? YEAHH, it's my peaceful and restful time for doing anything I like without feeling the guilt. 8)

I'm dazzled because it clearly seems that it's soon time to say "good bye" to my new winter coat because today I wore only a jacket, cotton scarf, small shoes and only one pair of stockings without freezing out! C'mon, it's only 3rd day of May with two feet of snow outside... 
...But I'm in spring mood with my whole body!!! My favorite season! :) Birthday! Colors! The sky! The rain! 

Heels to the ceiling, babes, on every holiday!


Haters Gonna Hate

It's my holiday now for God's sake..!  

My family headed to "the big city" Helsinki at 10 am.  
I woke up to do brownies. Half of them eaten now.

Then just hanging in front of my laptop and tapping some job applications for hours. I feel like writing 50 instead those few ones. -.-  Frustrating and slooooooooooooow!

What next? I have holiday for the week and most plans are concentrating on sewing. Something to say later again hopefully, I feel like relaxing all the time. ;)

P.S. The best feeling in the world, you know what is it? It's the feeling you recall something you loved to do a long while since. I'm happy I started drawing again because it feels... So good, so good!


Nice things; prints and attitudes

Mary-the-blogger hearts Justin Timberlake and wants this shirt and the hat!

Words can't express the amount of my joy.
This is genial!

The seal of approval by mom and the teachers... So sweet any-gays!
Ofc it's important to express fairly what is inside your tote.

Mary-the-blogger + Microsoft Words + history written assigment
Result? Something like this.

There's something I love in this photo and the layout!
Friendship in its clearest form, ah, so cute!
I want the shirts like _now_


Nice things; cut cut cut!

..........Where are my scissors, then?


Glitter Tickles

This Valentine's day wasn't so bad after all. Conversely, actually, it was wonderful/sweet/cute! 

Will you be my Valentine?
My first Valentine's gift ever!!! And best chocolate ever made, btw.
Oh, this girl here dazzles. :3

I was born with glitter on my face
My baby clothes made of leather and lace
And all the girls in the club wanna know
Where did all their pretty boys go?


Chanel green nails with matching stockings. Hehehee!
Messy bun = L O V E

Chiffon shirtie with black bra under + -25C° outside = thumbs up!

комфортный день ! < oral test tomorrow. Reading here, but it's quite... Useless. :P


Tears Fall For Cruelty

Oh y,
u never

Oh y
I not get 
my new stuff

70 € extra?
I'm a student.



Chic and In Love Like A Parisian!

Bruno Mars is overly romantic, tacky and sweet, I saw just nightmares where I was being proposed and one where I was in marriage life... I just announced that I'm the most unromantic girl - until I heard this song, L'amour à la Francaise. ;)

Ok, maybe it was the Chanel bag that was mentioned in the song but gooooosh, French makes me melt!! Paris would be perfect place to fell in love with some handsome Jean-Pierre - Chanel in other hand, hm. :)



There's my Jean-Pierre!^

" Win!"

I go to France in May for TWO whole weeks, so hopefully my dreams come true.

Jean-Pierres, I'M COMING! :-------D


The Versatile Blogger

I've been tagged in a blog-game called The Versatile Blogger Award by the sweet and great Big rings and cravings blog! :) 'Nk you, let's play then!

7 great facts about me: 

1. I hate it when people say to me "Aawawh, Meeri, you're so cute!
There isn't really anything bad about it but, sigh, I heard it too much! And it has lost it's value in my ears, it just sounds like something people are forced to say nowadays to me. D:

2. I choose my daily outfit the night before. And I usually don't wear the exact same coordination again.

3. I wonder what makes me look like a French girl/ballerina in other people's eyes? My body language? I dunno, and so doesn't the people either, annoying! ;D

4. I have a boy crush. It affects my school and the order of my mind! Crazyyyyy! And I have been always that kind of girl who shrugged towards princess&prince stories and says I don't need a man to anything... </3

5. I don't buy from H&M. And I don't travel by airplanes.

6. I love dancing alone to good music. I adore the sensibility of the ballet dancers!

7. I giggle and smile always to everything in school. But I'm also really good listener and actually a shy person.

When you get tagged my someone you have to do this:

1. You have to link to the person who gave you the award (me)
2. Tell 7 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 10 others, who wants to be a part of the game.

I'll tag you honey blog-pops!: