Nice things; prints and attitudes

Mary-the-blogger hearts Justin Timberlake and wants this shirt and the hat!

Words can't express the amount of my joy.
This is genial!

The seal of approval by mom and the teachers... So sweet any-gays!
Ofc it's important to express fairly what is inside your tote.

Mary-the-blogger + Microsoft Words + history written assigment
Result? Something like this.

There's something I love in this photo and the layout!
Friendship in its clearest form, ah, so cute!
I want the shirts like _now_

5 kommenttia:

  1. Really cool inspiration :)
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. My cross ring is from a brand called Rosie and Roses, but I think it's danish.
    I think you can get one on asos that looks a lot like mine, but i'm not sure.
    Hope that could help :)


  2. Kiitos kommentistasi! :) Mä olen jo sun lukija. Painoin tuolta ylhäältä tuosta lue nappulasta, mutta jos se ei näy niin koitan uudelleen. :)

  3. I totally love this! Really inspiring! :-)
    And really nice blog btw.


  4. Cool inspiration! :-)
    I really enjoyed reading your blog, xx