Chic and In Love Like A Parisian!

Bruno Mars is overly romantic, tacky and sweet, I saw just nightmares where I was being proposed and one where I was in marriage life... I just announced that I'm the most unromantic girl - until I heard this song, L'amour à la Francaise. ;)

Ok, maybe it was the Chanel bag that was mentioned in the song but gooooosh, French makes me melt!! Paris would be perfect place to fell in love with some handsome Jean-Pierre - Chanel in other hand, hm. :)



There's my Jean-Pierre!^

" Win!"

I go to France in May for TWO whole weeks, so hopefully my dreams come true.

Jean-Pierres, I'M COMING! :-------D

4 kommenttia:

  1. ihanin postaus :) veikkaan että tykkäät miss dior cherie-mainoksesta :) Se on Sofia Coppolan käsialaa!


  2. Hi Meeri! It's Sam! Didn't see you for a while! You are coming to Paris?! When exactly? I'm in vacations right now for two weeks *oo*


  3. Kris, RAKASTAN sitä mainosta! :D Niin ihana ja itse tuoksukin on vastustamaton. :) Omistan sen vaaleanpunaisen ja käytän sitä, kun päivässäni pitää olla pieni ripaus Pariisia ja ilmapalloja...

    Sam, great to see you again! I'm for a weekend in Paris 7.-8.5. with my school group. We're in a Comenius project so after Paris we go for 10 days to Bretagne, Vannes, to our correspondant school. :))

  4. Ah that's great! You travel a lot, how lucky!