The Versatile Blogger

I've been tagged in a blog-game called The Versatile Blogger Award by the sweet and great Big rings and cravings blog! :) 'Nk you, let's play then!

7 great facts about me: 

1. I hate it when people say to me "Aawawh, Meeri, you're so cute!
There isn't really anything bad about it but, sigh, I heard it too much! And it has lost it's value in my ears, it just sounds like something people are forced to say nowadays to me. D:

2. I choose my daily outfit the night before. And I usually don't wear the exact same coordination again.

3. I wonder what makes me look like a French girl/ballerina in other people's eyes? My body language? I dunno, and so doesn't the people either, annoying! ;D

4. I have a boy crush. It affects my school and the order of my mind! Crazyyyyy! And I have been always that kind of girl who shrugged towards princess&prince stories and says I don't need a man to anything... </3

5. I don't buy from H&M. And I don't travel by airplanes.

6. I love dancing alone to good music. I adore the sensibility of the ballet dancers!

7. I giggle and smile always to everything in school. But I'm also really good listener and actually a shy person.

When you get tagged my someone you have to do this:

1. You have to link to the person who gave you the award (me)
2. Tell 7 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 10 others, who wants to be a part of the game.

I'll tag you honey blog-pops!:

5 kommenttia:

  1. Loving your blog! It is soo cute!

    And I love all of the facts that you shared about yourself. Not to mention those awesome pictures that you added. I saved nearly all of them into my computer!


  2. This is a nice meme!

    Why don't you buy from H&M? : o


  3. @ Fashionably Drugged, haha cool, thanks babe. :D I have to check out your blog! ;)

    @ Sam, it's just one principle of mine that I don't prefer H&M. I love fashion yes, but I know many other places which are much more personal and probably even have better backround behind them than H&M. Of course I understand the fact that it's impossible to be secure is your clothes made in good conditions or in a "sweatshop" but so far I haven't got any drawbacks from this little fact to my life. ;)

  4. Nyt löysin sen nappulan. :D Ja se takki mikä on siinä mun kuvan ovessa, niin ostin sen viime kesänä seppalästä.

  5. Haha, sure, with H&M, when you buy something you know that everyone will have it too! So boring : ( Even if their clothes are really nice.