Off To An Interview!

I have a job interview now, wish me luck!
I got a call from Mediapex yesterday where I was invited to some interview! *Iiiks!*
I have heard only bad experiences about telemarketing but.... We'll see.........

Yesterday this time, at 12, I was in Coffee House with my two friends. 
Huge bowl of hot chocolate, chat, laughter and the newest news. The espresso machine was broken again but I got my latte from the bus centrum. With hazelnut syrup! :)

I would love to coordinate this necklace
with an airy curl cloud hair! :)
Yesterday hair was on a big bun though.
These make me look actually tall!

Few pics from yesterday. The high waisted belts gained praises from girl friends. ;) 

Hm, now I wonder where have I put my camera stand...? These mirror pics are just... No good with so small mirror and small room! :D I have a photo shoot in mind so asdasdasd, hide&seek with the camera stand now! Ciao!

7 kommenttia:

  1. Älyttömän ihanat noi housut ! me likes mäki haluun tollai ! mistä oot löytäny ? (:

  2. I love the high waisted pants with the striped shirt.. very chic!

  3. Ida: Haha, kiitos, oon ite tehnyt. ;) Katso:http://marylicious.blogspot.com/2010/12/new-jeans-and-new-years-party-problems.html

    C'EST DEMODE: Yes I love the combo too much!

  4. this outfit is great! love your blog!
    check out my blog and if you like it follow me and i will do the same.