Cleaning at Night - Time To Move On

I have never considered myself as a collector who doesn't bare to throw things away. But I came towards many useless and hidden items as I emptied my drawers last weekend; I got frustrated all of a sudden to my small room when I felt like I don't have space for anything or doing anything.

Now I'm enjoying of better organized and roomier drawers and that's all worth the work I did! I even got space for my laptop in one drawer box. :)

I don't know what to do with this wallet. A good example of 'stuff' I had put safe. Its lock got broken but I love this Fluff wallet. :,( The poodle application is so chic and I would love to do something out of this! But I don't know what. I don't want it to be thrown in the drawer again in thought 'I'll do something out of it... someday'.........

And these shoes! I found them too and don't know what to do with them. They are semi nice (old) and I could use them. But it could be better idea to bring them to flea market because they wouldn't be in hard use... ://

Since I didn't go to sale shopping today I had good time to sell my old lolita wardrobe. I don't use that kind of clothes no more and they take much of space. Though I still enjoy lolita style and think all the clothes are so pretty (especially the prints are... Ah) my time wearing them is over. 

Emily Temple Cute's Poodle skirt.
It hurts that I have used this so little. ;__;
The print is full preciousness, don't you think?
You don't find same anywhere!

My hand made dress.
I'm going to make a (simple) skirt with an identical application. :)
I was very happy with this dress.

But I still think lolita as inspiring style! I kept in my closet my cutest knee high socks (not giving them away, useful as what!), one self-made A-lined black 'n' white dress and one roomy, pink and ruffly parasol. :)
I'm not so cold minded to give them off - and why should I, if I use them quite much?

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  1. I still love your blog:) hahah!

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  2. Just beautiful :)))



  3. definitely, great inspiration from lolita. love your skirts and the shoes :)


  4. those shoes r super cute!
    feel free to follow xo

  5. keep the shoes! they're so pretty! specially the white ones! :D I just adore them! send them to me, if you don't want to use them!
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  6. I can't really find the follow-button, please tell me, but I've bookmarked your blog :D