Year 2011 Came Along PARTYY

My accomplishments in year 2010:
  1. I got picked into a IB high school from 60 applicants and started studying in English in fall.
  2. I saw Lady Gaga live in October!!!! OMFG!
  3. I was in Stockholm and was brave actually to speak Swedish to natives. 
  4. I hugged and got hugged by lovely persons. <3
  5. I jogged 5 km nonstop and my health is at its peak. ;)
  6. I got two crushes, met much of new people and made few friendships deeper!
  7. I started drinking latte (wellllll, I don't about accomplishment but an important event that is) :D
  8. I started blog Mais Oui!.
Goals for year 2011:
  1. Traveling around Europe in summer.
  2. I'll do some important decisions and be hardworking in school.
  3. Get a (summer or part time) work.
  4. Change hairstyle and have new, enriching experiences.
  5. Be happy and myself.
Happy year 2011 to everyone - let's take all we can and have fun for our lives when we still can! I sure will because man, you can't be never too sure is the end coming next year or not! ;D

I have to say that I now broke one promise I made: no pics from the jeans! And no pictures from the whole party I was yesterday with my friend! ...It might tell enough - I had so fun! Great and completely new way to celebrate the changing of the year. :D

I want to say also that I had a good outfit for the event after all problems; the jacket there in the pic left, white&loose T-shirt, those jeans I told about before and a messy bun + nice necklace and simple earrings. 

So this year I wasn't at home on New Year's eve but at my friend's where there was an annual party with family friends. Though it was my first time to meet most of the people in the party, I chatted, laughed, ate well and had great time with them! :) Fireworks were also amazing. 

I talked with Dansarella (A true name approval by my friend, check!) after the last guests left around 4 am till sun started rising... We took 3 hours' "day nap" and well, now I'm home.

My first day of year 2011 has been filled with laughter, drinks, tasty food, good friend, fireworks, music by Jace Everett. I might be tired after three hours, that's for sure!

And hey, about those clogs in the first picture. One thing led to another when we talked about my friend's shoe collection and now I'm a happy owner of original and real Bali clogs. :D

Haha, these shoes have a great story behind them... Believe me! Now I wish it would be summer so I could use them. The navy blue jacket would perfect for summer weather and to be worn with my new clogs, don't you just agree? 

It was fun to eat yesterday (...today...) everything good, but I think I shall start again with a healthier diet. :) 
Do you have same plans?

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  1. Awesome pieces! Happy new year! :)


  2. sounds like you had a nice night! happy new year :)

  3. ooi ku siistit kengät noi !(: varmaa kuuluu kiva kopina ? Ja latte on jotain parasta, vaikka musta coffee house vois käyttää siinä enemmän kahvia - nimittäin toisen kahvilan (cafe esplanadi !) laten jälkeen se maistu melkeinpä vaan kuumalle maidolle...(: mutta kyllä sitä juo :D

    kivaa uutta vuotta !

    http://diamondglossy.blogspot.com (;

  4. Hi Mary!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! Those are some great goals you have for 2011. I'm still trying to figure out what my goals will be.

    Happy New Year!


  5. Ida: Niistä lähtee aivan MAHTAVA ääni kovaa lattiaa vasten! Lisäksi rakastan niillä keinumista. :) Aloitin latenjuonnin vasta syksyllä, joten minun makuuni latte coffarissa on juurikin täydellistä. Itseasiassa joudun makeuttamaan aspartaamilla ihan normilatteani, sillä olen mieltyneempi makulatteen. :DD Voiko sitä kahviksi edes enää sanoakaan?

    Thanks for all rest comments! <3

  6. Ihania hyviä tavoitteita ja saavutuksia sulla, hii :) Jos latesta tykkäät, käy joskus ottamassa Cafe Javan vaniljalatte, siihen tehdään sellanen ihana lehtikuvio vaahtoon ja on muutenkin hyvää!

  7. Kris: Hei kiitos neuvosta! :) Käyn heti kokeilemassa, kun tulee mahdollisuus.

  8. hope your NYE was FAB! thank you for your sweet comment! you can reach me also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :)so cu soon! and have amazing new year!!!

    xoxo from rome

  9. Love this post! Great plan for 2011. :)