Summer love

As said in earlier post, I go on Saturday to a training.
These pictures are from last summer after I came from a prometheus camp (notice: the wreath :DD).
Unlike confirmation camps, prometheus, or protu in more common way, camps aren't religious and are wholly politically independent. 
Yes so the training is about becoming an assistant director for a protu camp on summer. :)

I just found these few pics again and ah! I love the feeling! I'm dazzling happy, it's a beautiful summer...

Little fairy from the woods says to you all now that enjoy of the coming weekend. :)
Catch you then on Sunday, salut!

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  1. Tämmösten postauksien tekeminen on oikeesti kielletty keskellä jäätävää talvee ! Masennuin :s

    Eivaan ihanan kesäistä, näkyy valoa tunnelin päässä jo !

  2. such a beautiful blog! this is truly great(: i love the photos in your blog(: im 16 too and love absolutely anything and everything fashion(:



  3. This is so lovely, and does that say IB studies, as in the International Baccalaureate Program? Because im in that too!