A Heart With Coffee!


A thumb eater

My lil' gargoil wolf!

Today was a nice day + it was Saturday. I ran off to city at 10 am to the library with MacBook. Café Moccha, poetry, preventing the water pollution and impressionism - ahhh! I feel like I accomplished so much. 

Calmness. Coffee House. Caramel Latté next to you... Relax. 
Fingers drum the keyboard in the rhythm of the music. Text just comes and comes... 

Around 3 pm I caught two my friends go to eat with me. Talk talk talk! It was so weird but people who have known you so long also understand some things without explanation.
+ good café moccha, countless cups this time. ;-)

One dose of anti-feel for thundering emotions and lots of coffee, thanks!
I should count love out like a mathematician. . . NOT JUST NOW!
This could tell you just enough of my life.
And about the huge urge of a new bag..! ;(

Lazy Busy blogger explains everything, or actually the no-thing happening in my blogging persona, with crazy and real life behind the clean screen of her Mac Book.

 I just ordered two coats from www.lulus.com, something to await! 
Stay sharp with self-made latté and listen to Adam Lambert. Thumbs up!

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  1. Wow, your rings are really original! I love the tiger thumb eater haha! xD