Old sleeves get a new life! ...Soon!

Some old shirt.

Oh, it has a nice hole on elbow.
Yeah OK, it's my dad's old shirt...

Cut cut cut!
The sleeves off and cutting them to slices. :)
Huge wave of inspiration came yesterday! <3

The sleeves got a new life and I modified the body part a bit. It's almost ready, bits and pieces still missing!  
...Like my corset cut top, still missing that damn zipper (or I did buy actually one metallic, but it was wrong kind :/ Yeah, I don't have any attention problems... Often.)

But for now, I had to pack away all my projects going on. My holiday has a homestretch left and I spend it in Helsinki. Tomorrow shopping in the big city of Finland and the weekend goes in a training! :)

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  1. Ur blog is great! How can i follow u? :)