New Jeans and New Year's Party Problems!

My corset cut top is still missing its zipper and then it's ready to be shared. While I couldn't work with the top more I attacked my "little" project *coughs* from last spring - resizing XXL jeans with "few" sizes. 

Really, I the original pants could've fitted two girls of my size easily! Sadly I don't have a picture! :D I got them from school where someone had abandoned them. I don't wonder why someone had done that because the quality of sewing was quite... Bad. But I resized the seams so much that it wasn't a problem anymore. I'm very happy with the result, they fit me nicely, material is lovely (stretch, naturally), high waist looks good and they're good tight

I made a hip pocket from my father's old jean cloth. Stretch and Levis. Washed denim and new dark blue. I like the result of mitch match! :)

More profile pictures about these jeans coming, that's almost a promise, because I put them tomorrow to a New Year's party at my friend's. Already looking forward but... I don't have a single clue about what else to wear! "Code" was to wear 'simple and easy' but of course I already stress in front of my wardrobe, finger in mouth, swearing y I don't have any nice top to go with these for tomorrow?

Maybe I should just coordinate around a white long sleeved shirt and pick some jewelry. Something just casual with jewels and cute, bit messy hair. Or a white T-shirt and some cardigan... Dame it! 

I wish I had now a white boy collar shirt. :) I would put it!

Late Present Was Jane Austen!

Yes, I got from my mom as a late Christmas present all Jane Austen's famous books in a cute little box!

I have only seen the Sense and Sensibility movie (newer edition) and I liked it much. I'm ashamed that I haven't ever actually read Jane Austen before and so I'm thrilled about all these books! Now I have Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park and Persuasion actual between covers.

...And what covers! These books are so small and the pages are painted with glittering gold! This cute books can't be off my hands for very long, so I think I have to start reading them soon. 

I wonder what the language is like though? Old English is tricky to read but oh well, I have good dictionaries and my vocabulary would grow in very fancy way. ;)

Magic sparkles!

Who knows, maybe I'll get lost in Austen's world?


Sale Overture

Heavy metal chain necklace from Lindex.
I saw metal necklaces in Stockholm everywhere in the fall and
I had my eye on them ever since. :)
The weight tells you is it quality or not!
At least I feel strongly so with items like this.

Jewel earrings from Pieces.
They were not actually in sale
but when I had started buying stuff,
I hadn't problems in taking these beauties too. :)
I simply love them!

A bronze and detailed bracelet is too from Lindex.
It was only 2,5 € and it has all these precious little things..!
Worked on me and I love it, all the details are detailed with care. :)

Lavendel Eiffel tower earrings from Glitter.
My second pair of Eiffel themed earrings, haha!
Not in sale these either though but hey, these were wonderful.
The plates are nice big and the color is pretty. 

Patent leather pumps from Bianco.
Peep toe, CUTE ankle straps and 13 cm heel = The Party Shoes
They were only 35 €, looking lovely on feet, I was with my shoe freak friend
AND I needed shoes to go with my new dress...:

Whole sequin, little black dress that girl needs from Vila! <3
Finally it was in sale!!! I'm so happy.
It's shape is very classy, which is good because the sequins don't actually need more than
just basic shape so it wont hit the ceiling. ;)

What nice did you find from sales? :))
I think I will go check the sales in 2011... This is not over yet.


Stylish Mac Book

As I gave a hint in my Christmas post, I was given a wonderful Apple Mac laptop. :) Size is perfect for my use and I believe it's useful to carry with to school. 

The fact that I might pack this with me led me to Apple's sites to seek MacBook covers. I don't want my Mac to get scratched or dirty, never!! D: It's so white, clean and smooth in lines now, I don't want any of those features to change within the time... 
I found them in some tasty colors as above. This already cute machine would get into new galaxies with new covers!

Miss Jean-Paul Gaultier

Today I decided to do something useful with my free time and so I grabbed my sewing kit! And started pinning on my sewing model.

I'm designing and sewing a black top with a corset cut. I got a sudden urge to have a top like that, I think it would be quite cute and my style...

I have the breast parts already but I came to search some inspiration pictures from We heart it for the cuts in the body part. I might keep it as simple as possible, like in the above pic, no Jean-Paul Gaultiers for the first corset top I ever make! :P

The fabric I use stretchs nicely so I only need to sew a metallic zipper. I had visioned to put it like in the pic.

Now I'll go back shaping my ideas. To this end of the post I want to share a picture of a dress that really pictures my idea for my future prom gown!

I had honestly thought of having a corset top and a fluffy skirt part! I'm glad I don't need think it yet but I had something like this in mind - maybe not so candy princessy though... But it would be great solution for the after party to grab the fluffy skirt part off and change it to something more casual with the top.

High School Limits Me

I’m restless and nervous over what school subject should I choose for coming curriculum years. I’m writing this middle of the night because it was hopeless to try catch sleep because I started thinking this over and over... And I feel I don’t do any progress. I really don’t want to think this matter now, especially when I have  a good holiday going on now!  But in January, within a month (!), we do the final choices in school and I can't let it be still... I have decided some subjects ready but the science subjects make me puzzled.

It would be so much easier if  had a clear vision of what I want to do as a grown up! Ok, I have like million on choices, dreams and paths – all different and they change all the time. I'm sure that I don't want to do only one thing for my whole life - too boring, I know I would die rather.

  •           journalist
  •           designer
  •           architect

  •           psychiatrist/eating therapist 

  • lawyer

So my  6 IB subjects + 1 extra subject would be:
Finnish (A1, higher level)
English (A1, higher level)
French (B2, standard level)
Mathematics (standard level)



I’m not sure of the 4 last ones. They’re troubling me , I can’t decide which one of them I don’t need! I have to take only 3 of them, 4 would be impossible.
All of them are interesting subjects and it feels horrible to delete one off! I would probably take the history away, but if I ever want to study law or be a journalist it’s a bad call. Biology is the subject that interests me the most and might be very useful for psychology studies in the future. Which leads to the fact that if I never want tp study psychology deeper, I can’t leave psychology in high school. Physics? Architect needs it but my math isn’t HL so I don’t know...

I wish it wasn’t this hard! I wish someone would now say me what should I do or even better; I could take every subject from economics to drama, that would be the way I want it to be! I wish I could clear my head, forget all things that make me biased between my choices... I thought I would by this point know what I want.

I want a good career and nice shoes on. Challenges every day and respect. 

High expectations, but you can't have anything if you are pleased with less. Yeah, and I don't want to do compromises with my subjects - they wont lead anywhere else than to dead end. :-/


Daydreaming Juicy Couture

It's a fact that I need a new school bag the most. My old 'n faithful Marimekko shoulder bag simply is too small for the needs of a high school student - especially when I have those famous IB books, which are quite large and heavy ones, not overstating at all. 

So, I have my eye now on Juicy Couture's bags. I was joking with my friends that what I truly need as a school bag is a big and wide sports bag. Soon I saw at Spirit Store one gorgeous sports bag shaped bag, but much more glamorous of course, which was from Juicy. It was truly a roomy one! I went to Juicy's web pages to see if they had the bag there (1. "Cheaper in online store than in a special store in Finland naturally" & 2. "People haven't touched the bag and it's completely a brand new"). Apparently they had ran out of them but I caught my on the other bags.

Especially the Daydreamer bags are gorgeous! They are also the most roomy ones since those "sport bags" aren't available no longer.

Which one would be your Juicy choose? ;)

Velour bag with legendary logo
The color combo is just precious;
One of my favorites!

Velour bag with lovely and girly details

I like the color combo between caramel and aqua...
So royal!
Smoky leather bag
Looks smart and sharp.

But I really have to keep my eye for truly a bigger bags, because I can believe it could be hard to fit my Advanced Biology (thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis thick), Texas calculator and other books and equipment, without forgetting my MacBook, in a handbag like these!

I buy a Daydreamer bag and a tote bag:

Then I'd carry my school books
in a canvas tote bag, like this one,
and other stuff and Mac in a Juicy bag! :)

...If I never want these, I really need to save few months. Especially because I used nearly 100 euros for 'must-haves' today, ooops... :D All worth it, anycase!

All pictures from Juicy Couture, thank you.


Sale Plans

The coming week is the best week in a year: official SALES start and it is New Year's Eve on Friday!

'It's marrrrrrrrvelous!'
Of course I'm heading to the city to do some sale shopping now and I have special plans for Friday also! I have a hunch that this year New Year is going to be special...

And I thought to check out sales in the internet also (I just like this universal sale time!!!). Topshop, Net-a-porter (<--- Must check that out, oh my god!), Nelly's, Ellos, Bubbleroom, Dorothy Perkins, Juicy Couture, Brandos... And a lot more hopefully!
14 cm heels
Now only 13,50€
From Nelly

Mulberry's sweet leather bag
Timeless model Lily, now only 358€
From net-a-porter

Cardigan from Dorothy Perkins
with only 17 dollars
(though I should do this by customizing my old
cardigan, I have black sequins in the drawer ;>)

And this Breast Cancer shirt could be nice too
10 dollars from Dorothy P.
(The one with "stand tall" would be ironic on me ;D
Though I do stand tall every day, I'm under 165 cm...
And it sucks.)

Good looking boy friend coat from Top Shop
I would need this, totally could look good with anything!
And I truly am in need of a new winter coat so...
60 dollars.

I already want to wish you all readers good luck for sale shopping! :)
Do good deals.

Goofing With Roses C:

Mmm, I really

 love this headband now. :) I adore it! So huge and show off!
Just for my taste! Loved to use it with a messy side bun on Christmas. 

Cocoon from Germany

Cocoon, the women's art of style, is a German fashion magazine. 
I got for Christmas from my friend. I'm very interested of it, the photo shoots are very fine, interesting and stylish! So far I have only focused in the pictures but maybe I will try to read it little. :P It seems as good as Vogue but in thinner mode. There's not as much text, which is good thing since all the pictures are so gorgeous!

Take a look:

My favorite picture!
Eiffel and French anarchy just work every time.
Especially in black&white. MMM!
From known Karl Lagerfield there was also newer designers for me,
like Hanna Korsar,
who has designed the dress of this and the next picture.
Prom, here I come.
I liked this eye make-up much. Fierce. Totally.

And much more!

I came up with only one bad thing: I can't use this for scrapping! :( I don't dare to cut this magazine because the photos are pure 100% perfectism! +___+
When my monthly fashion magazine Trendi comes, I usually read it with scissors on my other hand. Cut cut cut! But this... No...
But oh well, I'm having a 50 cm high pile of French Vogues to deal with on my holiday. That should do it for now *cutting*! 

And one last thing: Danceuse, when you go to Germany next time, bring me the newest piece of Cocoon, please!


Christmas Mac and Other Friends

So, nothing special about Christmas. I don't see anything special about it anymore, it's only a time for holiday for me. I like the lights though!

Holiday look is created of course with comfy clothes
(in this case from a jump suit and a soft sweater),
easy hair do (bun from yesterday's curls)
and nice lipstick.
Like this today :)
I got some nice presents and THIS LAPTOP that I had wished so much, and that I'm writing with JUST NOW, humming humming! ;) About that later then but I reveal you that much that it's pretty and white Mac.

So that scarf ^ there I wore today came yesterday from one present which was from my aunt. She knits so much and is very talented and approved all round our family! I like this because I feel the knitted love and it can be worn so chunky way! I think I could seam its both ends together to create a "trend scarf" - it would be also more convenient and looking better.

Three color zones.
I already thought these dark colors would look nice
with a black or dark grey winter coat!
Because I need a new coat, every inspiration
is warmly welcome and used. (;

It was just such a coincidence that I got a scarf like this now, because I was just knitting myself one which had same kinds of darker colors... Weird, but I think I shall give that one to my father now - he'll approve a trend scarf most probably.

But from knitting to jewelry that I got pretty nicely this year.

Necklace from sis,
earrings from a friend.

I got a Kalevala ring too from my dad, but I'm not sharing it with you. I think I'm not going to use so much - I don't feel it so much to my style. ;(

I think those Eiffel tower earrings are fantastic! I like the other ones also very much and they have already found their place as my favorites!

Not even talking about the necklace! That if something is to my taste and lovely! A bear hanging from a hot air balloon, it's so detailed.

I got this German fashion magazine and very massive rose head band from my blogger friend. I like them both very much and I have used them both much. :)

I also got some good chocolate, Beauty and the Beast Disney movie (I haven't ever seen it and I'll watch it today. Exited!), one book, night pants and four movie tickets. Useful stuff and I'm grateful for it!

Peace and get inspired from the season!