Christmas Mac and Other Friends

So, nothing special about Christmas. I don't see anything special about it anymore, it's only a time for holiday for me. I like the lights though!

Holiday look is created of course with comfy clothes
(in this case from a jump suit and a soft sweater),
easy hair do (bun from yesterday's curls)
and nice lipstick.
Like this today :)
I got some nice presents and THIS LAPTOP that I had wished so much, and that I'm writing with JUST NOW, humming humming! ;) About that later then but I reveal you that much that it's pretty and white Mac.

So that scarf ^ there I wore today came yesterday from one present which was from my aunt. She knits so much and is very talented and approved all round our family! I like this because I feel the knitted love and it can be worn so chunky way! I think I could seam its both ends together to create a "trend scarf" - it would be also more convenient and looking better.

Three color zones.
I already thought these dark colors would look nice
with a black or dark grey winter coat!
Because I need a new coat, every inspiration
is warmly welcome and used. (;

It was just such a coincidence that I got a scarf like this now, because I was just knitting myself one which had same kinds of darker colors... Weird, but I think I shall give that one to my father now - he'll approve a trend scarf most probably.

But from knitting to jewelry that I got pretty nicely this year.

Necklace from sis,
earrings from a friend.

I got a Kalevala ring too from my dad, but I'm not sharing it with you. I think I'm not going to use so much - I don't feel it so much to my style. ;(

I think those Eiffel tower earrings are fantastic! I like the other ones also very much and they have already found their place as my favorites!

Not even talking about the necklace! That if something is to my taste and lovely! A bear hanging from a hot air balloon, it's so detailed.

I got this German fashion magazine and very massive rose head band from my blogger friend. I like them both very much and I have used them both much. :)

I also got some good chocolate, Beauty and the Beast Disney movie (I haven't ever seen it and I'll watch it today. Exited!), one book, night pants and four movie tickets. Useful stuff and I'm grateful for it!

Peace and get inspired from the season!

3 kommenttia:

  1. Kiva, et tykkäsit korviksista. :) Ja kiitos lahjasta, en tosiaan tajunnu sitä yhtä osaa, mut muuten = loveee. :) (repeilin sun kommenteille voguessa ;D)

    Hei mäkin sain Kaunottaren ja hirviön lahjaks! :D

  2. Cookie, mahtavaa, että tajusit huomata mun kommentit Voguessa. ;) Niitä olikin hauska kirjoitella, tuli Paholainen Pukeutuu Pradaan -olo! :D Käytä sitä sitten ihan vapaasti leikkelyyn! Soitellaan ensi viikolla, teilläkin varmaan meno vähän on rauhoittunut siihen mennessä?

  3. Jepaa, loput ylimääräset ihmiset lähtee varmaan tänään. ;)