Licorice Sauce & Hot Chocolate

To the market after the last test day this year, buying some treat for coming holiday, which I totally had earned...

I'm crazy for hot drinks at the moment and I that's why I got myself licorice sauce, whipped cream (Yummyyyy!) and marshmallows.
All those ingredients for perfect steaming hot chocolate, of course!

Ok I don't use all those three treat to create one dish but to do good marshmallow hot chocolate (I'm pretty sure you all have had it at least once in your life, it's traditional!) and licorice hot chocolate. The cream is just and only to finish the look. And it makes it more special when it has a nice cream swirl on the surface. ;)

Many are astonished that I enjoy drinking my hot chocolate with licorice. But it's is so damn delicious, believe me! You should try it out, especially if you do like licorice. It gives the drink a bit piquant taste, not too yummy-yuck-yuck-sweet (like the marshmallows, mmmm....) and is somehow little energetic... Fierce, I could say!

Ok, so start like with a normal hot chocolate.
Heat the milk in a microwave and skip 2-3 teaspoons of
chocolate powder in it.

Then add the licorice sauce. One teaspoon is good,
depending on your taste of course,
more or less than that is even better.

Make  a good looking cream swirl...
So here's my FIERCE cup of hot chocolate
as it was served for me in Coffee House for the first time.

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