High School Limits Me

I’m restless and nervous over what school subject should I choose for coming curriculum years. I’m writing this middle of the night because it was hopeless to try catch sleep because I started thinking this over and over... And I feel I don’t do any progress. I really don’t want to think this matter now, especially when I have  a good holiday going on now!  But in January, within a month (!), we do the final choices in school and I can't let it be still... I have decided some subjects ready but the science subjects make me puzzled.

It would be so much easier if  had a clear vision of what I want to do as a grown up! Ok, I have like million on choices, dreams and paths – all different and they change all the time. I'm sure that I don't want to do only one thing for my whole life - too boring, I know I would die rather.

  •           journalist
  •           designer
  •           architect

  •           psychiatrist/eating therapist 

  • lawyer

So my  6 IB subjects + 1 extra subject would be:
Finnish (A1, higher level)
English (A1, higher level)
French (B2, standard level)
Mathematics (standard level)



I’m not sure of the 4 last ones. They’re troubling me , I can’t decide which one of them I don’t need! I have to take only 3 of them, 4 would be impossible.
All of them are interesting subjects and it feels horrible to delete one off! I would probably take the history away, but if I ever want to study law or be a journalist it’s a bad call. Biology is the subject that interests me the most and might be very useful for psychology studies in the future. Which leads to the fact that if I never want tp study psychology deeper, I can’t leave psychology in high school. Physics? Architect needs it but my math isn’t HL so I don’t know...

I wish it wasn’t this hard! I wish someone would now say me what should I do or even better; I could take every subject from economics to drama, that would be the way I want it to be! I wish I could clear my head, forget all things that make me biased between my choices... I thought I would by this point know what I want.

I want a good career and nice shoes on. Challenges every day and respect. 

High expectations, but you can't have anything if you are pleased with less. Yeah, and I don't want to do compromises with my subjects - they wont lead anywhere else than to dead end. :-/

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