Imago Glasses

It has been a trend for a while now to use glasses though you don't actually need them for reading or something like that. Glasses are as important part of your look, for example, as your hairstyle.
First I thought they were funny and useless because who wants to wear glasses if they don't need them. But two days ago I bought my very own and first imago glasses.

Vero Moda

And I'm quite obsessed already to these already by now!

I feel so smart and they serve nice look for me.

Brightness any outfit between this dark season!

Harry Potter?
Or fashion designer?
Easy to know which I would prefer more....

Matched with this
silk dress...
Everybody said to me at our class's party that I look like one of Marimekko's designer! :D I was so high and flattered for that!

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  1. Näytit kertakaikkisen mahtavalta pikkujouluissa, imagolasisi ovat superit. Melkein tekis itsekin mieli sortua!