Why Wont Batman Bring Presents On Christmas?

I could write a song about this holiday fever I have now. But I can wrap the feeling up shorter: 
Finally! I missed you so, Easy Life!

I was shopping today the last Christmas presents (they were for my parents) and though my bank account is probably looking a bit sad currently, I actually enjoy giving presents! I gave today my three friends each a present, homemade chocolate pralinnes and chocolate hearts. Made me feel happy! :)

To do on holiday:

  • sew; customize pair of high waisted jeans, do thing or two from dad's old shirts and jean cloths
  • eat; as the stress flows out, food comes to replace it
  • job applications; my coming summer is going to be full of working - and money!
  • sale shopping; looking forward already! ;)
  • blog; since I have finally time to do this more regularly! xx
Something for my dad a month ago.
From old Levis.
Now I'm thinking of making a coat out of them!

I'm so thankful for this two weeks lasting break since I can do everything I really want. No school, no head aches after studying chemistry for hours. Only sore fingers from sewing but that's OK!

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