The Versatile Blogger

I've been tagged in a blog-game called The Versatile Blogger Award by the sweet and great Big rings and cravings blog! :) 'Nk you, let's play then!

7 great facts about me: 

1. I hate it when people say to me "Aawawh, Meeri, you're so cute!
There isn't really anything bad about it but, sigh, I heard it too much! And it has lost it's value in my ears, it just sounds like something people are forced to say nowadays to me. D:

2. I choose my daily outfit the night before. And I usually don't wear the exact same coordination again.

3. I wonder what makes me look like a French girl/ballerina in other people's eyes? My body language? I dunno, and so doesn't the people either, annoying! ;D

4. I have a boy crush. It affects my school and the order of my mind! Crazyyyyy! And I have been always that kind of girl who shrugged towards princess&prince stories and says I don't need a man to anything... </3

5. I don't buy from H&M. And I don't travel by airplanes.

6. I love dancing alone to good music. I adore the sensibility of the ballet dancers!

7. I giggle and smile always to everything in school. But I'm also really good listener and actually a shy person.

When you get tagged my someone you have to do this:

1. You have to link to the person who gave you the award (me)
2. Tell 7 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 10 others, who wants to be a part of the game.

I'll tag you honey blog-pops!:


If I Had Only One Wish

Yes, Weheartit rocks.

I wait summer like the next day. 
All photos help for settling down the mood and just dreaming...

Same stuff with thinspiration and prom dress. <3

Dream the dream and start living it.

*holy crap, my history essay is still undone...... .....!!*


A Heart With Coffee!


A thumb eater

My lil' gargoil wolf!

Today was a nice day + it was Saturday. I ran off to city at 10 am to the library with MacBook. Café Moccha, poetry, preventing the water pollution and impressionism - ahhh! I feel like I accomplished so much. 

Calmness. Coffee House. Caramel Latté next to you... Relax. 
Fingers drum the keyboard in the rhythm of the music. Text just comes and comes... 

Around 3 pm I caught two my friends go to eat with me. Talk talk talk! It was so weird but people who have known you so long also understand some things without explanation.
+ good café moccha, countless cups this time. ;-)

One dose of anti-feel for thundering emotions and lots of coffee, thanks!
I should count love out like a mathematician. . . NOT JUST NOW!
This could tell you just enough of my life.
And about the huge urge of a new bag..! ;(

Lazy Busy blogger explains everything, or actually the no-thing happening in my blogging persona, with crazy and real life behind the clean screen of her Mac Book.

 I just ordered two coats from www.lulus.com, something to await! 
Stay sharp with self-made latté and listen to Adam Lambert. Thumbs up!


Summer love

As said in earlier post, I go on Saturday to a training.
These pictures are from last summer after I came from a prometheus camp (notice: the wreath :DD).
Unlike confirmation camps, prometheus, or protu in more common way, camps aren't religious and are wholly politically independent. 
Yes so the training is about becoming an assistant director for a protu camp on summer. :)

I just found these few pics again and ah! I love the feeling! I'm dazzling happy, it's a beautiful summer...

Little fairy from the woods says to you all now that enjoy of the coming weekend. :)
Catch you then on Sunday, salut!


Old sleeves get a new life! ...Soon!

Some old shirt.

Oh, it has a nice hole on elbow.
Yeah OK, it's my dad's old shirt...

Cut cut cut!
The sleeves off and cutting them to slices. :)
Huge wave of inspiration came yesterday! <3

The sleeves got a new life and I modified the body part a bit. It's almost ready, bits and pieces still missing!  
...Like my corset cut top, still missing that damn zipper (or I did buy actually one metallic, but it was wrong kind :/ Yeah, I don't have any attention problems... Often.)

But for now, I had to pack away all my projects going on. My holiday has a homestretch left and I spend it in Helsinki. Tomorrow shopping in the big city of Finland and the weekend goes in a training! :)


Off To An Interview!

I have a job interview now, wish me luck!
I got a call from Mediapex yesterday where I was invited to some interview! *Iiiks!*
I have heard only bad experiences about telemarketing but.... We'll see.........

Yesterday this time, at 12, I was in Coffee House with my two friends. 
Huge bowl of hot chocolate, chat, laughter and the newest news. The espresso machine was broken again but I got my latte from the bus centrum. With hazelnut syrup! :)

I would love to coordinate this necklace
with an airy curl cloud hair! :)
Yesterday hair was on a big bun though.
These make me look actually tall!

Few pics from yesterday. The high waisted belts gained praises from girl friends. ;) 

Hm, now I wonder where have I put my camera stand...? These mirror pics are just... No good with so small mirror and small room! :D I have a photo shoot in mind so asdasdasd, hide&seek with the camera stand now! Ciao!


Cleaning at Night - Time To Move On

I have never considered myself as a collector who doesn't bare to throw things away. But I came towards many useless and hidden items as I emptied my drawers last weekend; I got frustrated all of a sudden to my small room when I felt like I don't have space for anything or doing anything.

Now I'm enjoying of better organized and roomier drawers and that's all worth the work I did! I even got space for my laptop in one drawer box. :)

I don't know what to do with this wallet. A good example of 'stuff' I had put safe. Its lock got broken but I love this Fluff wallet. :,( The poodle application is so chic and I would love to do something out of this! But I don't know what. I don't want it to be thrown in the drawer again in thought 'I'll do something out of it... someday'.........

And these shoes! I found them too and don't know what to do with them. They are semi nice (old) and I could use them. But it could be better idea to bring them to flea market because they wouldn't be in hard use... ://

Since I didn't go to sale shopping today I had good time to sell my old lolita wardrobe. I don't use that kind of clothes no more and they take much of space. Though I still enjoy lolita style and think all the clothes are so pretty (especially the prints are... Ah) my time wearing them is over. 

Emily Temple Cute's Poodle skirt.
It hurts that I have used this so little. ;__;
The print is full preciousness, don't you think?
You don't find same anywhere!

My hand made dress.
I'm going to make a (simple) skirt with an identical application. :)
I was very happy with this dress.

But I still think lolita as inspiring style! I kept in my closet my cutest knee high socks (not giving them away, useful as what!), one self-made A-lined black 'n' white dress and one roomy, pink and ruffly parasol. :)
I'm not so cold minded to give them off - and why should I, if I use them quite much?


Year 2011 Came Along PARTYY

My accomplishments in year 2010:
  1. I got picked into a IB high school from 60 applicants and started studying in English in fall.
  2. I saw Lady Gaga live in October!!!! OMFG!
  3. I was in Stockholm and was brave actually to speak Swedish to natives. 
  4. I hugged and got hugged by lovely persons. <3
  5. I jogged 5 km nonstop and my health is at its peak. ;)
  6. I got two crushes, met much of new people and made few friendships deeper!
  7. I started drinking latte (wellllll, I don't about accomplishment but an important event that is) :D
  8. I started blog Mais Oui!.
Goals for year 2011:
  1. Traveling around Europe in summer.
  2. I'll do some important decisions and be hardworking in school.
  3. Get a (summer or part time) work.
  4. Change hairstyle and have new, enriching experiences.
  5. Be happy and myself.
Happy year 2011 to everyone - let's take all we can and have fun for our lives when we still can! I sure will because man, you can't be never too sure is the end coming next year or not! ;D

I have to say that I now broke one promise I made: no pics from the jeans! And no pictures from the whole party I was yesterday with my friend! ...It might tell enough - I had so fun! Great and completely new way to celebrate the changing of the year. :D

I want to say also that I had a good outfit for the event after all problems; the jacket there in the pic left, white&loose T-shirt, those jeans I told about before and a messy bun + nice necklace and simple earrings. 

So this year I wasn't at home on New Year's eve but at my friend's where there was an annual party with family friends. Though it was my first time to meet most of the people in the party, I chatted, laughed, ate well and had great time with them! :) Fireworks were also amazing. 

I talked with Dansarella (A true name approval by my friend, check!) after the last guests left around 4 am till sun started rising... We took 3 hours' "day nap" and well, now I'm home.

My first day of year 2011 has been filled with laughter, drinks, tasty food, good friend, fireworks, music by Jace Everett. I might be tired after three hours, that's for sure!

And hey, about those clogs in the first picture. One thing led to another when we talked about my friend's shoe collection and now I'm a happy owner of original and real Bali clogs. :D

Haha, these shoes have a great story behind them... Believe me! Now I wish it would be summer so I could use them. The navy blue jacket would perfect for summer weather and to be worn with my new clogs, don't you just agree? 

It was fun to eat yesterday (...today...) everything good, but I think I shall start again with a healthier diet. :) 
Do you have same plans?