Mission Impossible, Here I Come..?

An annual problem is here again: winter shoes.

Rest in peace...
Or do not yet. Till I find substituent for you.

Cowboy boots I bought last January from sales have served me well until the inner seam broke from the right one. Oh dame, they were so good! Now I have had needed to use those broken ones and my black leather love-shoes (pic under) which need new heel pads though... They got thin so fast. :o I'm a hard user of them.

Dinsko is love!
And even the sharp toe is so precious!

Once again, I tried looking for a pair of new boots. I had my eye on black, elegant boots with round toe, 8 cm heel and ribboning in front, but I left them after all in the store. They cost only 50 euros but I'm so strict with quality especially concerning shoes. I want them to last. And those boots seemed pretty weak from the bottom so that sealed my decision.

These boots are from here.
Quite lookalike with the ones I almost bought.

I rather pay over 100 euros for good quality and shoes that last many winters than I would buy every year new and cheap ones to replace the broken ones...

A conversation from Saturday:
I'll go buying new boots now, dad.
- Oh? Well go, if you think they're good. Are you buying those artificial leather ones?
I think I haven't told you about them. But yes, they are fake leather boots.
- Those suede ones? I have seen them quite a lot in city nowadays. Nice shape, I would say...
Do you mean UGG boots? You really think they would suite me?!
- So they're called that way? Hm, yes, I thought about you every time I saw them. You know I have eye for shoes...
Yes I know. You can buy me pair if you like. I don't mind. But no fake ones.
- Well that's clear --
You know the original ones cost about 200 euros.
- .............

From here.
Oh well, I would take a pair of these anytime in my closet.
I wouldn't mind if somebody really
wants to buy me a pair ;)

I shall continue the hunt.
And share more pics and models that inspire me to this impossible hunt 
here in my blog.

Now. Talking about impossible.
Chemistry homework.
n = m x M


5 000 liters of water every morning

I have started using this Biotherm cream, Aquasource. The info said it will make skin look flawless... Hm, we will see that.

But 5 000 liters of fresh water from the Pyrenées in one pot... I hope I shall not drown! Cheers!


Open The Wool Yarn

I'm not religious but I feel so good,
makes me wanna pray.
I'm not religious but I feel such love.

Nothing fails, no more fears. 
Nothing fails, you washed away my tears.

Awesome. It is weekend! :) I have good feeling about this - though I'm home doing homework but I'm not stressed like I'm usually. I can feel the difference!

Maybe I am able to actually eat something during the weekend?

It has felt so good to talk to reliable people lately. While talking, some problems turn easier and solution comes in mind. I was bit low for few weeks because I felt I really don't have anyone to talk to. Old trustworthy persons are not anymore around me and now real contact was hard to get. 
Or actually it was harder in mind. 
I was scared. 
Now I'm not. So much.

should have
a true friend around!


We need changes! My hair needs to be cut!

I really love my current hair. The brown shade with stripes is original and it has grown nicely in two years (maybe because I have eaten a lot of cucumber ^^) and they have already reached over my elbows. I really love my long hair since I have had almost all my life quite short hair. I can do different hair do's and I know I'm going to miss my buns if and when I cut my hair short again

 I can't never keep my hair open because they're only on my way whole the time and it starts to annoy me when I try to do homework or anything - I have to always put them on a bun or something. Then I can be relaxed. Weird?

But lately I have thought about donating my hair to some cancer association. To good will. 22.5 cm isn't so much after all, and a new hair style could be useful and nice now to have.

I have now paddled through short hair pictures to get inspired...

Twiggy's hair is just legendary!
Emma Watson's new look

Easy and cute fluffy hair.

I am not sure if that formal and short really suits me but even 20 cm would be cut off, I still had enough hair left to create fluffy and soft looks. Very easy and relax.


Relaxing Sewing

This beauty is picked from here

I seriously need a sewing machine of my own... 
And a sewing kit too.

From here!
I have this day off from school so I had in mind to customize some clothes. Dress, shirt, top and a skirt... Great thing to do when you have no homework creeping.

Of course our sewing machine was in my sisters room when I was starting to search for it. And to you who don't know, don't ever go to my sis' room or she will be very angry!

Now I'm waiting for the explosion when she comes home... Oh well. I have time.

I can't wait to post all my clothes after small customizing here! Now I'll go back to business!

...And please keep your thumbs up so my sis wont kill me, OK? :D


Simple life xxx

I have Friday free from school and I have happily planned what I should do that day. A friend from Luxembourg just texted me that she is here for couple days and wants to meet me. I have dance on Friday also and I wouldn't like to skip that class so it could be nice idea to first meet my friend and then go to dance.  Or then I will stay on Friday home and sew... and read good book just for fun. Both are good and temptating options. But I can do the last one on coming Tuesday when I have free day also. Friday = shopping, gossips and cafés

Talking about shopping, I was shopping little last week. Some stuff for my beauty project but also nice jewelry.

From Glitter I bought immediately from 2,5€ campaign:
I saved up to 15€ from the original price.
I knew I had to get this!
I'm so addicted to pearl necklaces right now *-*
This one is so unique and I like chain jewelry also currently.
The weight tells you the quality...
With these pastel boom-booms I saved about 6 euros.
I have never had long eye pierces before and the colors caught my eyes.
I like them, they cheer my day and people around me. :)

I'm quite bad at using jewelry. Coco Chanel's quote "Look in the mirror before you leave house and drop one jewelry off" suits me somewhat good. I like them, but I rather have only pearls on than brooch&bracelet&earrings with it. 'Keep it simple' works for me.

Red lipstick is usually enough for me.

Warm Duffle Dream

Beret - homemade
scarf - India souvenir
jacket - H&M
umbrella - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
shoes - Din Sko

Oo, special treat today! I was for one hour in school today, I only did my Russian test and day ended.
Fine with me, I got a chance to take a pic of my outfit when I got home.

Usually I don't have chance to snapshot myself because
a) it's very dark at 6:45
b) it would be much easier if I had a own photographer! :D
No, I can use my camera's automatic program like I used today
but check the reason a). It's hard for my camera too. :<

Because the day schedule, I had no urge to dress up today. 
Just a warm shirt and easy loose top over it. :D You know these days. 

Don't you just love to take pics of yourself?
But I wanted to share with you my current winter look.
Big and light scarf, old wool jacket, blue knit beret and last year bought black leather pumps.

My mom made that beret for me as a surprise maybe a week ago and I loved it instantly. 
It's loose enough to fit my buns inside and I like that huge pom pom.
Mom said she thought it would suit my duffel coat I'm buying.

Yes, she was right. :)
It would have matched, actually, since Topshop doesn't have that coat any longer. 
I'm wondered about that fact, since there's no coats anymore and winter season is just starting.

No red, I said dark blue!
My all other coats and jackets are already red,
I need some change.

I think they will stock their website someday soon - they just have to!
Duffle coat has been my dream for so long. They are so original and good looking.
And I had one dark blue duffle when I lived in France, so it's nostalgic too. :)

Oh well, Burberry is fine too.
I love this pic!
& it's from here.


Scrap, scrap, scrap

Project going on...

I have spent time again with my dearest hobby, scrapping, lately. It works me as a way to escape school and it fulfills my artistic needs - since it has been like 3 months when I drew anything just for fun. 

I have been doing a "inspiration booklet"
since last Christmas.
I love to do it!

I have collected one file almost full with nice looking and inspiring clips and pictures from different magazines, mostly from fashion magazines. :D Every time I get a new magazine, I attack to read it with scissors on next hand! Relaxing hobby, must say.

So, I made new covers to my school calendar this week. I got little bored with the old ones so I started to paddle through my clips.

My calendar 2010 after lil' renaissance.

I just love that base picture so much!

Coco Chanel's 

I wanted two worlds again to the covers. 
You can see with your eyes and guess which is the formal and which is the easier. ;)