Warm Duffle Dream

Beret - homemade
scarf - India souvenir
jacket - H&M
umbrella - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
shoes - Din Sko

Oo, special treat today! I was for one hour in school today, I only did my Russian test and day ended.
Fine with me, I got a chance to take a pic of my outfit when I got home.

Usually I don't have chance to snapshot myself because
a) it's very dark at 6:45
b) it would be much easier if I had a own photographer! :D
No, I can use my camera's automatic program like I used today
but check the reason a). It's hard for my camera too. :<

Because the day schedule, I had no urge to dress up today. 
Just a warm shirt and easy loose top over it. :D You know these days. 

Don't you just love to take pics of yourself?
But I wanted to share with you my current winter look.
Big and light scarf, old wool jacket, blue knit beret and last year bought black leather pumps.

My mom made that beret for me as a surprise maybe a week ago and I loved it instantly. 
It's loose enough to fit my buns inside and I like that huge pom pom.
Mom said she thought it would suit my duffel coat I'm buying.

Yes, she was right. :)
It would have matched, actually, since Topshop doesn't have that coat any longer. 
I'm wondered about that fact, since there's no coats anymore and winter season is just starting.

No red, I said dark blue!
My all other coats and jackets are already red,
I need some change.

I think they will stock their website someday soon - they just have to!
Duffle coat has been my dream for so long. They are so original and good looking.
And I had one dark blue duffle when I lived in France, so it's nostalgic too. :)

Oh well, Burberry is fine too.
I love this pic!
& it's from here.

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