Relaxing Sewing

This beauty is picked from here

I seriously need a sewing machine of my own... 
And a sewing kit too.

From here!
I have this day off from school so I had in mind to customize some clothes. Dress, shirt, top and a skirt... Great thing to do when you have no homework creeping.

Of course our sewing machine was in my sisters room when I was starting to search for it. And to you who don't know, don't ever go to my sis' room or she will be very angry!

Now I'm waiting for the explosion when she comes home... Oh well. I have time.

I can't wait to post all my clothes after small customizing here! Now I'll go back to business!

...And please keep your thumbs up so my sis wont kill me, OK? :D

5 kommenttia:

  1. En ehkä kuitenkaan suosittele hankkimaan tollasta Singeriä ekaks koneeks :D Voi mennä hermot....

  2. ;D Pidetään mielessä... Sisustuselementtinä kaunis, käytössä helvetillinen modernille neidille :D

  3. Ja arvaa onko kiva pyyhkiä siitä pölyjä :D

  4. Girly, I feel your pain
    I, too,, neeeeeeeed a sewing machine

    hope to hear from you!
    love always


  5. I use my mums sewing machine, so Im very lucky. I like to have a project on the go when Im not busy with school work too:)

    Lovely blog. Thanks for your comment it was so sweet.

    xx Carina