Mission Impossible, Here I Come..?

An annual problem is here again: winter shoes.

Rest in peace...
Or do not yet. Till I find substituent for you.

Cowboy boots I bought last January from sales have served me well until the inner seam broke from the right one. Oh dame, they were so good! Now I have had needed to use those broken ones and my black leather love-shoes (pic under) which need new heel pads though... They got thin so fast. :o I'm a hard user of them.

Dinsko is love!
And even the sharp toe is so precious!

Once again, I tried looking for a pair of new boots. I had my eye on black, elegant boots with round toe, 8 cm heel and ribboning in front, but I left them after all in the store. They cost only 50 euros but I'm so strict with quality especially concerning shoes. I want them to last. And those boots seemed pretty weak from the bottom so that sealed my decision.

These boots are from here.
Quite lookalike with the ones I almost bought.

I rather pay over 100 euros for good quality and shoes that last many winters than I would buy every year new and cheap ones to replace the broken ones...

A conversation from Saturday:
I'll go buying new boots now, dad.
- Oh? Well go, if you think they're good. Are you buying those artificial leather ones?
I think I haven't told you about them. But yes, they are fake leather boots.
- Those suede ones? I have seen them quite a lot in city nowadays. Nice shape, I would say...
Do you mean UGG boots? You really think they would suite me?!
- So they're called that way? Hm, yes, I thought about you every time I saw them. You know I have eye for shoes...
Yes I know. You can buy me pair if you like. I don't mind. But no fake ones.
- Well that's clear --
You know the original ones cost about 200 euros.
- .............

From here.
Oh well, I would take a pair of these anytime in my closet.
I wouldn't mind if somebody really
wants to buy me a pair ;)

I shall continue the hunt.
And share more pics and models that inspire me to this impossible hunt 
here in my blog.

Now. Talking about impossible.
Chemistry homework.
n = m x M

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