We need changes! My hair needs to be cut!

I really love my current hair. The brown shade with stripes is original and it has grown nicely in two years (maybe because I have eaten a lot of cucumber ^^) and they have already reached over my elbows. I really love my long hair since I have had almost all my life quite short hair. I can do different hair do's and I know I'm going to miss my buns if and when I cut my hair short again

 I can't never keep my hair open because they're only on my way whole the time and it starts to annoy me when I try to do homework or anything - I have to always put them on a bun or something. Then I can be relaxed. Weird?

But lately I have thought about donating my hair to some cancer association. To good will. 22.5 cm isn't so much after all, and a new hair style could be useful and nice now to have.

I have now paddled through short hair pictures to get inspired...

Twiggy's hair is just legendary!
Emma Watson's new look

Easy and cute fluffy hair.

I am not sure if that formal and short really suits me but even 20 cm would be cut off, I still had enough hair left to create fluffy and soft looks. Very easy and relax.

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  1. Oh I love Emma's new short hair! She looks great:) Also I am responding to your question on my latest blog post. I used most of the pictures on my inspiration board from Marie Clarie, since it's my favorite magazine! Also I got some pictures from Urban Outfitter's fall catalog. Also I did draw those sketches:)