Open The Wool Yarn

I'm not religious but I feel so good,
makes me wanna pray.
I'm not religious but I feel such love.

Nothing fails, no more fears. 
Nothing fails, you washed away my tears.

Awesome. It is weekend! :) I have good feeling about this - though I'm home doing homework but I'm not stressed like I'm usually. I can feel the difference!

Maybe I am able to actually eat something during the weekend?

It has felt so good to talk to reliable people lately. While talking, some problems turn easier and solution comes in mind. I was bit low for few weeks because I felt I really don't have anyone to talk to. Old trustworthy persons are not anymore around me and now real contact was hard to get. 
Or actually it was harder in mind. 
I was scared. 
Now I'm not. So much.

should have
a true friend around!

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