Thing about Lipsticks

Coral Nude,
Passion Rouge

I have three favorite lipsticks that I use the most common.

Shade 11
(I thought long between this and the shade 9,
this was more warmer)

The warm nude is my newest, softest and most natural shade. I love to use it on days when I put an effort only to my eyes. It truly looks nicely natural on my lips but still gives color and softens the look. :) Key for sweet babydoll looks, indeed! ;D

The lipstick is from Lumene's Natural collection with wild rose extract and it treats lips with its enriching consistency. Smells also very beautiful! (:

Perfectly red and deep!
This red lipstick is such a darling: it also heals my lips with it's balsam-like consistency and the shade is to my taste. It's 100% red and as it's said, you don't necessarily need nothing more than a red lipstick and a red nail polish!

Moist and stain kisses! xxx 

We Care Icon (special, only from Sokos)
Number 17
My surprising shade. Pink and energetic! I like the fuchsia so much and though it's bit cold shade I have found it very useful (I have it on even now though I'm on my holiday (; It's always nice, don't you agree?). And it is totally worth for its magnetic title, it stays on for whole school day and looks perfect! Though I might bite my lips, it wont spread around my face or lose the color. Wonderful, eh? :D At least for a lip biter like me it is - especially when it heals your lips the same time!

It's from We Care Icon which means it is from natural ingredients and made with good will,  quite like Body Shop's products. That's why I like the makeups of WCI brand so much! I always recommend their products for my friends. Sad that they only sell here in Finland because they are as good as Body Shop's but twice cheaper!

Today was pink day. Kisses to all! 

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