Lovely and Colorful Spring 2011

Tip, tip, tip. I got a water drop on my head, now I know strongly that spring is (coming) here!

So does this mean that I have to say farewells to my recently bought winter coat?

I'm glad I bought also a woolen jacket when I ordered that tartan winter coat. Though they're both from an American brand, Lulu's, their fabric are thick and warm and therefore suit perfectly to the climate of freezing winter-wonderland-Finland. I use one woolen shirt or that grey jacket under the winter coat because of its 3/4 sleeves (You can't tell it by the picture but yes, the sleeves are shorter than usual) but yesterday definitely proved me I don't need the over coat for going out.
It felt for me a little too much to wear the coat in such of weather and sunshine -  I wanted to take everything I could out of loveliness! -  and the jacket seemed like a very tempting option. The quality of the fabric of the jacket is surprisingly awesome, actual wool (Contrasting to the prize I payed! :o), it keeps warm. 
A scarf around your neck and let's go!

The scarf - PIECES (from Jim&Jill's sales) 
The bag - Urban Outfitters

The bag is a little-something-for-you/a souvenir from my parents when they were in Stockholm in January. Well, Urban Outfitters is always a pleasure and I wont say that the bag isn't cute or beautiful. :) Useful it is at least and haven't we all read from all possible fashion magazines how bright colors are the thing for Spring 2011? I myself am quite prepared.

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  1. I love both of those jackets! The scarf is also so bright and fun! Finland seems like a lovely place :)