Grab Your Boots Before Glaciers Melt!

In the previous post I just dazzled over the coming spring time.
Spring means for me more sunshine and warmth...

Sunshine + one meter of snow covering everywhere you can look =  ground transforms into a muddy sea/terrestrial & messy hell

Although I can now use my new spring shoes thanks to the "warmer" weather, the situation is about to get little hectic and messier within not so many weeks...

Muddy April and me. <3

I wouldn't really mind getting my suede shoes ruined in the pools, so now it is a favorable moment to think little about shoes.

For me, spring shoes mean ballerinas, high heels and sneakers but also rubber boots (hell yeah!). This year I decided to get myself a tolerable looking pair of rain boots because I have had enough of:
  1. Wet shoes and wet socks
  2. Mud splatters all around my calfs
  3. Dirty shoes
An immediate mental image that word 'rain boots' gives is a pair of black, clumsy and dorky boots.
But what would you say to brightly colorful boots?


Or would an elegant shape (and brand) do it?

I like this, a lot! C:

Shoes are a big part for everybody's outfit and rubber boots give their own challenging touch for creating the look. 
...Shoe stores, y u no have elegant boots?? I smell room for good business! 

Burberry knows how to be stylish even in CLUMSY boots !

I looked from We Heart It and Brandos.

3 kommenttia:

  1. cute!!!

    xoxo from rome

  2. I like the blue- violet one, too!


  3. Ihanat noi mustat kengät!

    Muuten kysyit joskus multa niistä kivistä ja kristalleista, niin uskon että ne on ostettu etsysta. :)