Task: Compare and Contrast My Two Weeks

Last week...

Things needed for a test week with deadlines: 1. Aspirin 2. Time management 3. Hot fluids (green tea and take away mocca; seal of approval!) 4. Good background music (prefer Vivaldi, old Madonna and U2).

As you see, I was MacBooking one written account for history. My subject was impressionistic art and as always after writing over 1000 words of analyzing text I was p l e a s e d

...Freedom outside my window.
Fucking cold Winter Wonderland. 
Organic green tea! <3
Hint of mandarin and vanilla! xxx

I worked the writing for two days and it required so much energy and concentration from me! Tea, tea, tea... Of course I had the Facebook and Messenger open all the time, my biggest helping sources (my thanks)! Then the test reading started...

Things needed for a week of holiday at home: 1. Movies and Sex and The City seasons 2. Delicious food 3. Magazines to cut 4. Pen and paper

This week then was a new case. Have I already mentioned it's my holiday? YEAHH, it's my peaceful and restful time for doing anything I like without feeling the guilt. 8)

I'm dazzled because it clearly seems that it's soon time to say "good bye" to my new winter coat because today I wore only a jacket, cotton scarf, small shoes and only one pair of stockings without freezing out! C'mon, it's only 3rd day of May with two feet of snow outside... 
...But I'm in spring mood with my whole body!!! My favorite season! :) Birthday! Colors! The sky! The rain! 

Heels to the ceiling, babes, on every holiday!

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  1. I love those litas shoes
    great pictures

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