What Is Hot In Sweden?

This week I was in Stockholm and I got more convinced how great city it really is. One day for shopping was simply not enough, so I had to focus on one thing during my stay and that was vintage shopping this time. I visited in and tried out few 2nd hand shops in Sofo (South of Folkungagatan; the area as a centre of creative and innovative fashion and retailing. In particular, many Swedish fashion designers are located in SoFo) and found new favorite café around there also.

But to answer the question of the topic, it is fur. You can’t miss it if you now walk through Stockholm.

You see it, many city women were wearing gray or light brown fur coats. And it’s coming to Finland, on Monday at least two Helsinki girls were influenced to use fur coats and skinny pants. And Swedish clothing shops, like Weekday, are great at bringing this trend here.

You feel it, it’s big, so soft, thick and warm. Even curly, like sheep’s wool.

You love it, when you make sure it is fake. This time fake is ok. 
Even Chanel knows it:

From Fall 2010 collection
All fake

Chanel and many other high brands brought out last summer their newest fur collections and I was proud that Chanel and many others used only fake fur in their collections. I can’t eat meat because I can never be sure where it’s come from, so how could I wear or say it’s fine to use real fur? I think it’s ok to have fake fur and wool (Finnish, please!) clothes. They are like my placebos, just like I eat as an vegetarian tofu and beans to replace proteins I once got from the meat.

Real or fake, the coats and vests were quite pricey in Stockholm. But I still have my eyes on fur clothes even here in Finland – maybe not those Eskimo hats that are sold in every store in here, but coats, vests, stoles and even cute high heels. This small girl is getting herself a winter fur, grawl!

 Thank you, Topshop

I must go an take my mom's old,
red fake fur coat from the attic and coordinate it with my new black earmuffs from Mango!

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