Best Ideas Come At Night

Maybe it was last week's Friday, when I didn't catch sleep nohow. I rolled and drank water but for nothing. So I started to think about clothes and sewing. 

"Wow, the last time when I did cloth designs was in summer. 
Now it's almost winter..."

Then I started to think my black dress I had made a week ago from lovely material.

"It's though nice, but now I can't feel the click anymore. 
I should customize it somehow"

Here's the dress I'm now talking about:

Low waist line, balloon hem,
simple top, bow belt and
deep V-back with button line.
Material = adorable.

So I grabbed my pencil and paper from table and started visioning new look for the dress:

I thought about shortening the top with 3 cm and customizing the skirt part by changing it to "shorts": very loose ones, looks like skirt. Hem's length would stay as it is now already. Top would change from the original also by the only and one shoulder strap.

As you see from my sketch, there's also something ruffled near the elbow. I thought to attach broad antique white lace to the strap like. The white color is repeated in the dress when I do white stitching near all seams. (Pink in the pic.)

Ok, so now I have my plans, next time I have time, this project will start going on! ;)
It's so much fun to customize clothes!

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