Urban Outfitters Come From Sweden

Last Tuesday, at 10:15, we moved as a whole family on buss to centrum of Stockholm where we then spread into two teams: me and mother wanted to go shopping and explore SoFo area. One day, 4 family members = you can’t please everyone, so pairing by interests was a good thing. Actually it was great, because we had very nice day together – quality time with mom that I had secretly missed. ;,)

We knew by the experience that vintage boutiques won’t open before midday, so we first headed to the Sturegallerien to kill time. We didn’t stay there for long. I didn’t like the place at all. I guess it was too snobby or elitistic for me. I couldn’t have shopped there and I even felt hard to visit in the shops... :/ Only shop I liked was Mango in the upstairs but the collection there was of course made by the house theme. ;) But I still managed to found black earmuffs there and I am very glad about them. <3

It rained when we walked to NK, famous and big shopping mall. But we never made so far when we walked along street Biblioteksgatan shop named URBAN OUTFITTERS took our interest. Mom asked have I ever heard about this shop, I answered no and she said she has and it would be interesting to do a round there. I agreed and now I am fucking glad I did! :-D 
First of all, it was super esthetic. It was many times bigger than I thought, chandeliers, many rooms and beautiful stairway to the fitting rooms. (< You get the key to fitting rooms from a worker at the doors, I was hyper about that detail! :D) 
Sadly photographing is never legal in cloth shops so I can’t show you pics. But think: Bigger than big. More gorgeous than any shop but still the most bohemian and cozy I have ever been. Mom said it is an old theater building. And I think I have lost my heart there like I almost did with my mittens. ^^’ Sellers were so nice and helpful so they probably would give my heart back stored in the closet behind deck. But I rather leave it there. Now I have the place to always return.

I wonder why in Finland there is no same system than in Sweden to have new and old, customized fashion together in same shop. I thought it was genious what I saw there: Old flea market stuff customized and sold as high fashion. They worked on me at least! I got so inspired there and I now only want an old knit sweater so I can turn it to a skirt! :D They had their own section but naturally were still mixed with newer brands like Cheap Monday. Broad look to URBAN OUTFITTERS’ style was vintage and somewhat maybe Kenzo-like. I approved it very much because I felt everything fitted and matched also my style.

But only clothes? No no no, better. So big shop has space for another stuff too, books, Polaroid cameras, nail stuff, accessories, note books… Stylish lifestyle stuff indeed! I fell in love with the Fish Eye Polaroid box cameras. *-*

No, I didn't buy one of those cameras - this time.
I wanted just to show you how the cameras looked like.
I was impressed. I want one!
(the pic from aisyahrozi.)

I came out from the store with brown paper bags and wide smile. =)

Nothing to add.
This book right here didn't cost much so I had to get it.
50 fashion designers you should know, oh yay! :D
Some I of course knew already,
but some were new names to me.
It's fun to see how they have all affected this industry. :o
But no Finnish names.
Or any Scandinavian.
I'm bit disappointed. ;<
Then mother bought me also a book about designing patterns.
I was like naa, you shouldn't have,
since I do my patterns always by myself
and felt like I don't need a book about it. ;)
I started reading it and there's really good tips to me.
Very teaching and inspiring!
And I guess it would be easier with patterns or when you know the basics about them?
That was my first reason why I started doing my own patterns two years ago:
I never found good ones or they didn't work for me.

Vintage shopping in later post!

Sturegatan Biblioteksgatan 9a
Urban Outfitters Biblioteksgatan 5
NK Hamngatan 18-20

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