Lovely things are vintage and latte

Stockholm, 19th October, Tuesday: 

We took a metro at 12 to SoFo. I had there four vintage shops I wanted to check out:
Repris&Time OutPåkläderlet and Lisa Larsson second hand. They all three are located near to each others so it was convinent to visit them during the same visit.

Påkläderlet was still closed at the time we came, they open on Tuesdays at 15. So we kept on walking and before we went to the three other shops, we wanted to to go for coffee.

My Chai Latte and mom's original coffee.
Oh god how I love latte foam! <3
And this drink was much more cheaper than in Finland,
only 2,5 euros (240 kr) :o
Eat dust, Coffee House!
First I thought this cafe has to be some bar like, messy and noisy.
But it was very chill, cozy (we sat on couches) and warm place to be.
People read books there, ate good looking salads from design plates,
were on computers
and hanged with friends at couches that were placed on sills. =)

It was like the cafe was protected from fame.
It was so real and bohemian.
Stylish SoFo people come there, so why wouldn't you love it?

It took only 5 minutes to move from String to Repris.

I had only been told that you'll find shoes and accessories there. So I went there open minded and came out with empty hands. Clothes that were sold there were more likely from 60-80's and it was of course fun to check out old designs and norm clothes. I didn't find anything my style than round glasses. They were so over-priced though, so I wanted to leave them to store. But not so much shoes actually...?
I can't say it was very delighting experience to visit there, it was kind of flea markety feel more likely! :(

Right next to Repris was Time Out.

Ok, this shop looked better! But it was so small and again, I felt awkward being there because everything was expensive and for older ladies. So not for me. I found beautiful necklace, with a ballet dancer pendant but it cost like 60 euros.... :/ And the smell, yuck! Huge killing smell of some perfume! Eek, next shop, please! 

Lisa Larsson's was a pleasant experience for change. The shop was big and the selection was huge. And I actually found there something, with quite low price considering they are brand products:

Laura Ashley's sailor shirt.
Actually my mom wanted to get this shirt for me
because she loves these sailor shirts.
"Sailor comes trendy constantly!"
Chiffon top (?) from Twin Set by Simona Barbieri
The seller lady praised how good brand this is
and what a good buy we do.
To be honest, the brand is such a never heard for me.
But after quick googling I see it's nice brand.
This top really represents the brand!

I'm not sure how to tie these ribbons,
I like to tie them to sides...
And the seller said this is
a skirt.
What? No....
Material is so exclusive, bit draped
and so light!
Sure looks with skinny jeans!

Påkläderlet Södermannsgatan 21
Repris&Time Out Bondegatan 46, Sofo
Lisa Larsson Second Hand Bondegatan 48

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  1. Saako kommata tänne suomeks vai ootko sou enklish raight nau? :D Ihana toi seilori paita ♥

  2. Dansarella, saa tokii Suomeksi laittaa! :)
    + Kiitos, minkäköhän kanssa tuota nyt alkaisi vaan käyttämään?