Haunted & Sweet

Miss-X/Catwoman on Friday
Mask is my sister's
Haunted weekend. Literally.
Because I have maths test tomorrow on Monday, I have been reading functions since I got home yesterday for many hours. Like a maniac! My calculator got Halloween spirit while practicing, which was of course bit annoying too. 
Today I have planned that after 12 I'll do more my Swedish home hearings (maybe 2 hours). After that I have to read for Russian test - that might even take the rest of this day.

But it was sweet that on Friday we had a Halloween themed school day. :) It was so great! Our students' union had seen a great effort and I saw few good outfits too. 
I had good attitude for dance class after school - and it worked! I decided I'll be super sharp and learn everything, and I was in very good mood after it. The jazz class I'm in is very qualified and hard so I shouldn't actually even be there, since I have danced only like 2 years. But I think I was now able to do everything including ballet technique and fast series! :D

This year there was no real Halloween party but I collected my three closest friends to go to movies see the Social Network with me on Friday evening. It was nice and it almost felt like we were still same class in same school. <3

Now, studying and manicure! I'll be back again. xx

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  1. I am glad that I inspire you! I live in the U.S and right now it is bouncing around 60 degrees and 70!