(Eye-) Food For People

Alarm ringing at 6 = normal school morning.  Since I don’t have school this week at all, I wasn’t moving to school on the buss at 7:03 today morning.  Instead, I was going to work. That if something is crazy and hard for brain to understand at that time of day, especially when you should be sleeping  on your holiday…..  Billion times I asked myself “wtf I’m srsly doing” while it rained outside, was solid dark and cold.

But it was fun to work again after summer, although it was tiring too. My working days at the restaurant are very long, from somewhat 9 to 16, which definitely aren’t worth for my small salary. Still, I think this more as an experience to gain more working history and get useful work relations than getting paid as a master chef in kitchen.

On Wednesday there started a big country and farm happening in the event center of Jyväskylä and that always means good sales in the restaurant there. So the restaurant needed extra dousing volunteer people to come help them - and so I went. To serve salads to Finnish country guys. Yummyyyy, sounds dreamy? ;) Well, that’s what I do till Saturday. That’s how I spend my precious holiday……..

So there I was, running the salad businesses and wearing caramel brown cowboy boots. I don’t know, maybe the guys were somehow turned on by the long apron I worn, but I got surpisingly many flirt acts! :D That was so funny.

“How good looking bread! And a beautiful baker too! * wink *”
“We come to this salad section cuz here’s eye food too”
And one boy to another, “whispering”:
“Look how good ass! Cute gurl….”

And the best part was that a chef that I thought was nothing more than grumpy granny-biAtch came to me and whispered:
“Isn’t it lovely that here’s so many rich farmer boys around? You should keep your eyes open for those cute boys of your age. I mean, I would…”

:DDDD Truly l-m-a-o!

It was nice at work, yeah, but I’m annoyed because I wanted so much to write this blog too! I’m exited about this and I have to make an entry about Stockholm. Hurry hurry hurryyyy---

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