Beauty Project Starts

Trendi magazine came yesterday. And it didn't came alone since there was a small but good guide about facial care as an extra. While I read that, I got excited all the tips, as usual. :) So now I decided that I shall start with a project taking care of my skin. I have even made plans ready - this just can't go wrong!

I put makeup on everyday, except on Weekend when I'm only home, and it's a norm already for me to use every morning creams for face and eye area. I wash my face before sleep with Nivea's makeup remover milk and wipe after it my face with same brand's toner. I remove my eye makeup with very own remover - as recommended!

Eye Gel from the Body Shop.
10 euros. Moisturizing.
I store this in fridge.
That way it's cool in mornings and fights against dark circles.

My Beauty Plan:

Face & Eyes:
  • Scrub two times in a week, for neck also.
  • Mask two times in a week (for mixed skin, unfortunately it's my type...), for neck also.
  • Cleansing with water every day two times in day. In the evening with cleansing products.
  • Face cream every morning.
  • Eye cream/gel every morning and evening.
  • Eye area's cleaning with special products.
Bamboo brush.
7 euros.
  • Healthy diet with vegetables, no sweets or fatty foods and lots of water, 2 liters per day.
  • Brushing the body with a soft bamboo brush before every shower.
  • Scrub once in a week.
  • Epilating once in two weeks.
  • Body lotion's use every day, especially after shower.
  • Hand cream every day, for elbows too.
  • Cream every evening, the cotton socks on and then to bed. :) Beauty dreams!
  • Warm bath for feet every week. Then cream and socks on.
  • Every three weeks after a feet bath, scrub, rasp and toe nail shaping and painting.
Finger Nails:
  • Cuticle lotion every evening.
  • Manicure every week.
  • Special treatments for special things: fragile nails need their own cure. Have to go to buy.
  • Bebanthen many times in a day.
  • Scrub once in a week with sugar.

........Phew. ´3` But everything is going to be so worth for it! Good and healthy skin can be then my Christmas present. And skin needs special treatment now in winter, so this comes definitely in need. Nothing else than best for my skin!

I was thirsty after school,
so I bought this Peach water
with zinc and E vitamin.
Tastes like summer, strawberry
somehow... :D
I drank this always at
my friend's, Danseuse.
Nostalgic taste.

I shall go tomorrow buy scrubs and masks and etc.
But the hardest task must be how can I drink so much water in one day! I have tried hard to drink water as much I can, every time I remember since summer.

Plan for 2 liters of water:

- glass of water when I wake up
- glass of water with breakfast

- glass of water in cafeteria

- 2 glasses of water

- glass of water

- glass of water

Though I don't have space in my school bag for a water bottle anymore, I have to carry it with me. Or a mug. I'm glad I have a private closet in school where I can store them. 
...And then I should remember to drink those 3 glasses of milk everyday also.

Catch you again later,
essay is calling.

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